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The worgen gave a large grin when hearing how Ashok was a fugitive. She tried to stifle a laugh but some of it escaped in a chuckle. "Oh, my 'ties' to the Alliance have been strained, at best. Mercs aren't looked at the best, less so when they rip limbs off for a chew toy." The warrior was mostly joking, knowing how men liked to associate her kind with the wolves they resembled, but she had been known to have a strange appetite at times.

"As for my presence, well I'd bet it's likely why all of us are here: gold. Makes the world go round, as a goblin might say." Her eyes drifted back to the arena, eying the night elf brawler inside again. He truly seemed to be less interested in a showy fight, likely preferring to just get it over with to collect his earnings. "As for him," she said while gesturing toward the arena, "I would say his attitude could get him killed. The more the crowd loves you, the more likely that you'll get something you can defeat. Gladiators who are disliked by the crowd never last long."
Deliane smiled down at the Panderan woman. With their recent appearance, she hadn't officially met one yet. She had heard the rumors of how nice they were, and wise, and their fighting techniques. She wanted to see it in person, and it looked as if tonight, she would get her chance.

"Goblins are greedy. Your coin will get you something, but probably something small." Deliane informed her. "If you need another, just ask."

At the sound of another talking towards them, Deliane turned her body slightly, her hood shadowing the top half of her face beside her eyes, which illuminated the typical Blood Elf green. She raised a slick brow while taking a sip of her bourbon. "Not that theatrical indeed, but, whatever gets the money. Seems that's the reason a majority of people are here." Deliane said, a sudden yell making her ear twitch.

"Not all like to play games with their enemies. Besides what makes you think it was theatrics? Twas the quickest way to deal with the Gnoll, albeit it did look rather flashy. Besides, the pretty little elfie is just trying to avoid getting eaten alive I think."

Deliane only spared a glance to the yelling man, a coy grin appearing on her face. "Well, I guess it wasn't theatrics after all." She shrugged then, about to take another sip of her whiskey when a hand had taken it away from her. Deliane turned around instantly with a small glare, only to see it was Donithil.

Donithil had taken a sip himself, then handed the glass back to his sister, raising his own brow at her. He then eyed the other people she had found company in, then looked back at her. Deliane merely nodded, understanding his curiosity. She downed her whiskey and then looked at the two people.

"To answer your earlier question, yes, I'm another fighter. Now, if you will, can you delightfully answer my two questions, the both of you." Deliane said, glancing at the Panderan and the man. "What are your names and are you fighters, as well?" she asked, handing her glass to Donithil.

He only rolled his eyes, stepping away to put the glass back on the bar counter. She would only ask of their names and status if he were around, and for him only. Deliane probably wouldn't have bothered to ask them until the conversation was about to end, just to try and remember the people she met, but it all usually failed.

Donithil was back beside Deliane, crossing his arms and on guard, wary of the bar. There were too many drunks in this place. Now he just casually waited for the two people to give their names.
Moloch briefly diverted his gaze to Donithil as the male Blood Elf sidled next to Deliane: the two had a strong family resemblance. The noble ignored Ashok's shouted interjection and instead carefully observed a copper-haired human woman sit down at the bar. The glowing blue eyes gave it away in an instant: this was a Death Knight, and almost certainly a fighter to boot. von Zinzer felt the corners of his lips curl upwards in a malicious smile. Death Knights could always be relied on for a good time.

"What are your names and are you fighters, as well?" Deliane's question yanked him back to the conversation at hand. Moloch straightened his face out and brushed an imaginary bit of dust from the sleeve of his black suit: the outfit was a single piece of form-fitted layered cotton, treated to provide a certain degree of protection.

"Moloch, at your service." he answered with polite condescension. "And yes, I am another fighter: in fact, if everything goes as it should, I will be the next one in the arena. As such..." As another roar rose from the crowd, Moloch reached up and detached the chain clasping his cape with a practiced motion, sweeping his hand back and gathering the material with his other hand. The noble quickly folded the garment and pulled both his gloves off, revealing thick and pointed fingernails beneath: in fact, if the suggestion were not so ridiculous, it could be said that they were practically claws.

"I would be quite grateful if you two would be so kind as to ensure nothing untoward happens to my clothing while I am dispatching my opponent." Moloch sighed wistfully and gave a smile that didn't quite reach the edges of his uncannily golden eyes. The orbs were staring straight at Deliane, seeming to drink in every detail of the Blood Elf. "There are so few venues that allow me to indulge in my... appetites."
"What are your names and are you fighters, as well?"

Xian Li smiled cheerfully "Xian Li, Xian Li Honningbrew, and yes I am a fighter." She bowed her head slightly again in greeting, the well dressed man, who introduced himself as Moloch, was still giving her a sense of unease, and as he prepared for his turn in the arena the feeling only intensified, he removed his cloak and gloves, Xian Li couldn't help but stare at his hands, the fingernails looked almost claw-like.

"I would be quite grateful if you two would be so kind as to ensure nothing untoward happens to my clothing while I am dispatching my opponent. There are so few venues that allow me to indulge in my... appetites."

The last line caused Xian Li to visibly shudder, there was something very creepy the way Moloch said 'appetites' sending shivers down her spine.
Aliyara sat directly behind the rather posh human, her ears twitching as she picks up the words shared between him and the other brawlers. She straightens her back, looking down at the open book lying before her in her lap. She had a modest sketch worked out, the man conversing with the Pandaren just happened to be in the focus. She takes a moment and eyes them both carefully, curling herself over, burying herself into her book again as she makes short, intricate smudges of detail.

"I would be quite grateful if you two would be so kind as to ensure nothing untoward happens to my clothing while I am dispatching my opponent. There are so few venues that allow me to indulge in my... appetites."

Her ears twitch at this statement, and her brow is furrowed consideringly. Such an odd thing for a human to say, no doubt just a scare tactic towards the other brawlers, Aliyara figured, pressing the bit of charcoal down hard onto the page, working in the shading of the man’s black suit.

A single droplet of sweat falls from Aliyara’s head, smudging the charcoal on the page. With a heavy sigh, she dabs at the page with her glove, trying to make up for any damage that it might have caused to her work.
As the people around them answered, Donithil gave a simple nod, accepting what they said. He cleared his throat once, then within his crossed arms, tapped his bicep twice with his index finger. Deliane caught all of Donithil's signals, smiling slyly at the two. She only spared Donithil a little wink and then he rolled his eyes at her.

"It's a pleasure having your names! I'm Deliane Sunblade, and this is my brother, Donithil." She introduced them both, placing both of her hands on Donithil's one shoulder. "He's a quiet, grumpy, old man, don't mind him."

Donithil didn't have any reply for her. She was nearly right, besides the fact that he wasn't that old. It didn't get under his skin, though, as he looked at the Panderan, giving her a polite smile. She seemed quiet, and quite odd for a fighter, but she probably had techniques up her sleeves that Donithil would love to learn.

As Moloch informed them they would he would most likely be going in next, he stripped himself of his cloak and gloves, handing them out to Deliane or Xian Li. Donithil didn't dare look directly at the man's hands, seeing them from the peripherals of his eyes. Moloch von Zinzer was, in fact, a worgen. Donithil then reached up to scratch his neck, or what showed of it, making sure only to do so when Deliane could possibly see it.

Deliane didn't need Donithil signs to know Moloch was a worgen. She could see for herself, she wasn't daft. Neither was she surprised. After all, she had seen a pointed grin from him earlier, and with his hands, it all came together.

"I would be quite grateful if you two would be so kind as to ensure nothing untoward happens to my clothing while I am dispatching my opponent. There are so few venues that allow me to indulge in my... appetites."

As Moloch spoke his words, Deliane kept her eyes locked on his, almost viewing it as a little game. She smiled politely, but her eyes revealed a little devious side. "Of course we will, won't we Xian Li?" Deliane replied, tilting her head a little towards the Panderan. "We can sit here, drink and chit-chat, until Moloch's fight is over, right? A little politesse goes a long way."

Donithil kept his calm demeanor, but the way that Moloch stared at his sister almost made the elf want to skin the man's fur hide once he transformed. He knew there was no way he could, or would, so he'd stay collected, telling his thoughts to Deliane in a much more private area when they had a chance.

He did feel a little bad for Xian Li though. She seemed innocent, and honestly, a bit frightened by the worgen side of Moloch. And all Deliane was going to do was drag her around and keep her in his presence, all without an actual intention of doing that. He felt a small need to protect her, if not from Moloch, than from his own sister who would drag her in a maze she probably wouldn't want to follow her into.

"And I'll be joining, and paying, for those drinks, Deliane." Donithil spoke up, making sure his sister caught his drift. She eyed him warily, but nodded solemnly. No more harassing men for drinks. At least, while Donithil was around.
Kalipsia eyed the man - Moloch - warily. She finally had a name to place on him, but it did not bring any ease to the warrior's mind. Once he removed his gloves, exposing the 'clawed' hands, her mind was made up: she was not the only worgen in the arena this day. The female worgen turned to face the group more, staring down Moloch as she began to speak, "I am surprised that you would want to hide what you've become, mister Moloch. I am left to wonder if you are ashamed of who you are." Her claws tapped along the bar counter noisily as she awaited a response.

Kalipsia had sometimes hated her new self, but she accepted that there would never be a way to go back. After this realization she refused to return to her former look, unless the need arose for it. 'To hide who you truly are is a weakness, as you will never know your full potential if you can't know yourself.' She had taken these words to heart, and could hardly understand why other worgen hid in their former skin.
She had finished with the goblin and spotted a group over at the bar area. "Are these other brawlers?" She asked herself as she summoned her water elemental. The being formed next to her and looked at her inquisitively. "Let's go investigate." she said as she casually walked over to the bar area. The water elemental simply followed her, leaving a trail of moisture on the ground.

She saw quite a group of individuals gathered here, from what looked like warriors to more shady types. "Well I am not quite sure why I am surprised to see horde here." She muttered to herself as she made sure her Kirin tor emblem was well hidden in her bag, along with her Operation: Shield Wall crest. She didn't want to fight, well except the things she would fight for signing up in a brawlers guild. She wondered if any of these people were regulars here or if they were new like her. "Hello, am I correct to assume that you are all brawlers as well?" She asked.
Allaynna Kidrain

The death knight was listening, no doubt about that, but her eyes were half-closed watching the fight. From the comments, she pegged the man, Moloch, as a Worgen. The others didn't concern her overly muchly, she just thought they were being dramatic.

As the Night Elf approached, she raised a single hand in either a dismissal or a greeting, and grunted her name coolly, "Allaynna Kidrain."

With that said, she turned slowly, taking a swig of the ale that did nothing to dull her wits, and grinned wolfishly at the assembled company, her eyes fiercely blue, fiercely cold, and happily demented.

Unnecessarily, she adds, "I'm a fighter."
Moloch chuckled darkly at Kalipsia's statement. "Nosce te ipsum, as one of my oldest friends says. Know thyself, indeed. If I wanted to hide who I was -who I am- I would wear gloves and tinted glasses all the time and talk with my lips covering my teeth. Actually, one of my agents does that. Good man: great with managing mining and foresting operations." The noble sipped at a glass of scotch and idly tapped the bar for a refill. von Zinzer swiveled around and pointed at Kalipsia before continuing.

"The problem is that you and all the rest of the Worgen view the curse as something irrevocably altering one's life, as though our natures are not fixed and rather change with our appearance. This is demonstrably not so. To deny this flies in the face of all the laws of nature, whatever some Stormwind academic may-" Moloch cut off when the copper-haired Death Knight spoke up.

"Allaynna Kidrain. I'm a fighter."

"A Death Knight." The noble replied drily. "That fights. In a fight club. See what I mean about fixed and immutable natures?"
Alabron grinned as he figured out how to beat the tough-skinned beast. He took an arrow out of his quiver, lining up his shot and fired. He heared a piercing roar, covering his ears as he saw that the arrow hit Rocky in the joint of his leg. The elf smirked and ran fast towards the beast. Rocky attempted to snap at him, trying to get the kaldorei in his mouth. Alabron quickly jumped in order to dogde it. While in the air, he took an arrow out and shoot it into the joint of Rocky's neck.

He landed on the body of the crocolisk, he took out yet another arrow, but this time he held it in hand. "I'm gonna kill you with this arrow." He spoke to the beast. He ran around on the crocolisk's being, finding it's soft spots, jabbing the arrow into the weak points. He smirked as he got to the beast's tail. He stood there and stabbed it, not doing much but irritating Rocky. Rocky then growled and attempted to snap the elf. He jumped in the air again, the crocolisk's jaws snapping onto it's tail, causing it to bleed a lot.

He landed again but on the ground of the arena. He took the arrow he was stabbing Rocky with and put it in the notch of his bow. He then shoot the arrow with perfect timing as Rocky stood on his hind legs to roar for a moment. The arrow stuck in the croc's underbelly, it stuck deeply in the beast. The crocolisk then charged the elf.

The kaldorei remained calm and didn't move, before Rocky got there, he dropped to the ground. The elf smirked, "Poision finally get to you, huh?" The beast finally had succumbed to the poison of the man's arrows, along with bleeding out of his tail and eyes for so long. The elf was teleported out of the arena, to where he was originally. He shrugged as he was approached by a bodyguard. The man gave him a smaller pouch with blood on it.

The elf smiled and nodded as he opened to see about 10 gold pieces in the pouch. He looked around to see where in the arena he was. He noticed the group of fighters talking and shook his head, heading for a stand selling drinks, avoiding the group the best he could.

Pixie shook her head in disgust at the fight, the crowd hadn't liked the surgical precision that the elf had used to beat Rocky so she needed to spice things up for them. Noticing that the next fighter was marked as Worgen she grinned and grabbed up her microphone.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Our next brawler is known as Moloch Von Zinzer, he's pretty new around here and we have a great surprise for everyone!" She said, the crowd roared in approval, happy to have something that might give them some really great entertainment. "For your viewing pleasure its Moloch versus Chief Yip Yip!!!!" She said spreading her hands as the two combats were teleported into the arena.

"1... 2... 3... FIGHT!!!!" She screamed and let the fight take its own course as she motioned for a high ranking Brawler to come towards her. "Hey hun, I need you to go tell that elf if he isn't going to make the crowd happy we'll just put him up against someone that will, make it as threatening as possible would ya? Thanks hun!" She said as she waved the scary looking human away.

She then looked down at her roster and smiled, marking off names and adding more names to the list as the guards radioed in telling her that fighters were ready for more fights.

Ashok Longshadow

Ashok chuckled darkly under his breath as he watched the end of Rocky, it was clean and efficient yet lacked any flavor. He knew the elf wouldn't last long in here if he didn't get some flavor into his fighting style, but Ashok didn't bother himself with it anymore, turning his attentions back to the group around him. "Well it seems our dear Worgen lord is about to get his fill of Hozen. I wonder if he's gonna get 'ooked'" Ashok said with a little bit of sarcasm in his voice, using the word 'ooked' that he had heard plenty of Hozen use in the place of the word f*ck.

To the warrior it was quite amusing however he was sure that they were still able fighters, he wondered how Moloch would fight, though looking at the rapier at his side Ashok gathered he was a duelist, skilled beyond belief yet they preferred to avoid close quarters as much as possible. Ashok furrowed his brow as he tried to reconcile that image with what he knew of worgens. He had had dealings with several Worgen in the past and only one had the discipline to be very skilled at combat with weapons, however he was a weapons master.

He could fight and kill with any weapon and it allowed his ferocity when the blood lust claimed him to work in his favor. 'This one bears watching...' Ashok thought to himself as he made a mental note to stay on his toes around Moloch.
"And so," Moloch began as the announcement rolled off Pixie's tongue. "Let's get this started." The noble ended up in the arena a moment later. One look at his opponent told him all he needed to know: this was purely for the entertainment of the crowd, and Moloch had every intention of making it so. As the Hozen danced around on the sand, von Zinzer reached down and unbuckled his rapier's sheathe, tossing it behind him. Slowly and deliberately, he then did the same with his sabre. With those two weapons removed, Moloch reached behind him with his left hand and grasped the hilt of his main gauche where it was resting in a specially designed sheathe in the small of his back. The noble drew the foot-long weapon, keeping it in a backhand grip and bringing his hands up in a guard position as the Hozen finally worked up his nerve to attack.

The monkey-like creature charged in howling obscenities in its odd, debased language. Moloch and the Hozen traded blows back and forth; the duelist was getting a feel for his opponent, learning what sort of actions he could expect Yip Yip to take whenever von Zinzer used a given attack. It was a process that a friend had wryly dubbed playing with his food, and occasionally it was really a quite accurate description. Chief Yip Yip sprang up and brought his hands down at Moloch's head. The noble immediately brought his sole weapon up and used the pommel to hit the thing's just before he ducked out of the way. The Hozen collapsed on the ground with an oof before slowly getting back up, this time looking at Moloch with more wariness than the noble would have expected from such a typically impetuous species.

This time, the Hozen went in low and Moloch struck downward with the dagger. With a burst of speed and agility, Chief Yip Yip dodged around the blow on all fours, ending up behind Moloch. The obnoxious thing reached up, grabbed Moloch's trousers, and pulled down. The fabric parted with a ripping motion, leaving Yip Yip with two roughly three-foot-long pants legs and Moloch with a very short pair of pants: apparently the Hozen hadn't realized that von Zinzer's outfit was made of a single piece of layered fabric. Nevertheless, the crowd was no doubt amused by the spectacle of a Hozen running around with a pair of trouser legs wobbling about on its oversized ears.

"That was one of my favorite suits." Moloch growled as he slowly turned to face the Hozen, focusing a smoldering glare on it that by all rights should have reduced Yip Yip to a steaming pile of ash right then and there. The noble tossed his main gauche into the sands, leaving him unarmed save for claws and teeth. "Now it's personal." Still remaining in human form, Moloch charged back at wildly cavorting Hozen; unfortunately for Yip Yip, his back was turned on the human. Moloch's first strike landed on the Hozen's head, further ripping one of the pants legs and carving a series of bloody furrows down the thing's head. The Hozen Chief yelped and leaped into the air again, apparently turning around in midair and landing on Moloch's shoulders. The two combatants glared at each other, and then the Hozen drew back two fingers and thrust them at von Zinzer's eyes.

Moloch reached up and grabbed the Hozen's hand, opened his mouth wide, and bit down on Yip Yip's right hand. Hard. The monkey screeched in pain and used his free hand to hit the noble's head over and over, but von Zinzer continued grinding his teeth down on the thing's hand. The apparent human could feel the Hozen's fingers wriggling around inside his mouth as the creature vainly struggled to get free, could feel the hot blood spurting form the jagged wound. With a sickening crunch and a wet, tearing noise, Moloch drew his head back and threw Chief Yip Yip off of him. The Hozen staggered away, clutching his dripping right hand and looking at the noble with fear in his eyes.

Moloch smiled wickedly and continued grinding down whatever was in his mouth. At length, he pulled a vaguely V-shaped, dripping mass of red and white from his fanged maw and tossed it to the sand: two of Yip Yip's fingers and a good-sized portion of his palm had been bitten off by Moloch, and the noble had evidently swallowed most of the flesh. von Zinzer walked back to his main gauche, picked it up in his left hand, and turned a red-stained sneer at the Hozen before slowly moving in again, this time for the kill. By now, any audience members that were not blind could see that this human was either a psychopath or a Worgen remaining in human form.
The massive elf stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to one of the guards you talk to for signing up. He spoke to the human, "I want to be signed-up to fight." The man looked up at the very large elf. "Uh, very well. It's gonna be awhile wait for you, sir. Take a seat and we'll port ya in when its your turn.

Aldiran sighed and nodded, he headed back to his seat, looking at all the other people around him. He noticed a blood elf woman and smiled underneath his helmet at the sight of the pretty sin'dorei. He looked away, headed for his seat so he could watch the upcoming fight. "Hopefully this one is better than the last one with that Alabron fellow..."
Hearing the worgen's comment to Moloch shed some light on his rather unnerving physical appearance, So he is a worgen too Xian Li thought looking the man over again But it's more than that some about him just seems vile her thoughts were broken when the Blood elf woman, introduced herself as Deliane, and her brother, who had joined her, as Donithil. Xian Li noted Donithil did appear grumpy, as Deliane and stated, whether jokingly or not, he seemed very on edge, but with Moloch in thier presence and the way he was staring at Deliane she didn't blame him.

The arrival of another Night Elf was another welcomed sight for Xian Li, she smiled at the woman and introduced herself "Yes I believe most of us here are, my name is Xian Li, might I ask yours?" Xian Li noted the water elemental trailing the woman, obviously meaning she's a mage, hopfully she could help Xian Li avoid Moloch presence, but it wasn't necessary. Shortly after the Night Elf's arrival a rather polite bout of cheering echoed from the arena, signaling the current fight was over and the combatant wasn't particularly favored. Not long after that Moloch disappeared and reappeared in the arena, facing off against a Hozen, a creature native to Pandaria, Xian Li shrugged, she had no idea how long she would have to wait so she might as well get comfortable, she climbed up onto the barstool, the chair creaking slightly under her weight, she slide her sword over her shoulder and placed it on the floor next to her, the grip resting on the bar, her hand on the pommel just so no one attempts to take it, with that she rotated to watch the fight.

The fight didn't seem like much of a contest, but Moloch appeared to be taking his time with the fight, trading blows with the Hozen and allowing the creature to attempt to steal his pants, this apparently irritated the man as he became more violent afterwards. When the Hozen lept onto Moloch back and poked his eyes, he bite the Hozen's hand like an animail bites it's prey, Xian Li shuddered at the sight of Moloch ripeing several finger off the hand with his teeth, she had killed her share of animals, she had cut them up to use for a evening meal she was no stranger to blood and bone, but the primal manner in which he went about injuring the Hozen was disturbing. "He is far more beast than man." she said aloud more to herself than anyone around her "I certainly hope they do not pit us against one another, I would not wish such a fight on the most vile of foes."
Ashok Longshadow

"He is far more beast than man. I certainly hope they do not pit us against one another, I would not wish such a fight on the most vile of foes."

Ashok looked over at the Pandaren and shook his head, "Don't get ahead of yourself just yet. These people are prone to doing things for gold, these bouts are meant to make people think they can win lots of money. In reality our odds of survival as we progress begin to deteriorate rapidly." Ashok stopped talking to take a sip of his whiskey and a puff of his cigar, the combination giving him a slight buzz that helped him forget about the heat.

His eyes were focused entirely on the fight, like a man who had seen lots of fights before and was getting more out of watching than just simple entertainment. "Suffice it to say by the time we reach the last rank as a Brawler we will be fighting other well renowned Brawlers." Ashok said, letting his eyes look over the group, picking out the ones he would need to be wary of and the ones who looked more like they were out of place.

His eyes landed finally on the death knight and he narrowed his gaze. He absentmindedly reached over his shoulder to where his longsword was strapped to his back, but he stopped himself halfway through the motion and moved his hand to pull the cigar from his mouth. He hated Death Knights above all else, they had stolen so much from him yet he knew that not all were of the same volition. He shook his head as he took another gulp of his whiskey, wishing that he still possessed the powers of the Light.
Azurara gave the death knight a slight wave before the human interrupted saying something rude before being teleported into the arena to fight a hozen. She already didn't like him. Noticing a pandaren woman that introduced herself as Xian Li. She walked over and sat down near her. "I am Azurara Leafblade. I know a few Pandaren from when I was on Pandaria. Pleased to meet you." She said with a smile. Pandaren were a good natured people, unlike some others she could name.

She looked into the arena watching the hozen and rather feral human fight. "Is he... a worgen." She said. "They usually revert to their true forms when fighting, why hasn't he?" She muttered observing the fight. It was obvious to her that he was wanting to put on a good show, but there were ways of doing it. This was just... creepy to her. She noticed two others of her kind here, both male. One was the one that was fighting the croc, and the other had yet to introduce himself.
Aldiran sat somewhat far from the group, he noticed another of his kin sitting near his location. It was the kaldorei who had fought earlier. He was a bit uncomfortable around new people, especially ones dressed as this man. He tried to not pay the man any mind, he just drank his ale quietly to himself. He looked around and noticed a female kaldorei looking over at his way. He looked down as he pulled out a book that he had been reading.

"Guess I should keep myself busy as I wait for my turn..." He looked up at the woman looking near him. He thought to himself, "Why is that pretty lady just staring over here? She's making me a bit nervous." He then shook his head, looking back down at his book. He began reading it and tried his best not to get distracted by the audience, the fight, or the announcers.
The warrior opened her mouth to respond to Moloch just as his name was called and he vanished from sight. She growled loudly, irritated by the 'noble' and his attitude toward what they had become. How could he think the curse was not affecting their personalities? Was he an animal before the transformation, feeding on the raw flesh of his foes while tearing them apart with his bare hands? The female worgen's blood boiled as the fury was building below the surface. She gritted her teeth together in a snarl before turning to watch the man fight one of the monkeys of Pandaria. Her voice was rough and feral as she spoke through a growl to no one in particular, "If the rat gets his head ripped off it would be too good a death for him!"

Inside her head something snapped for a moment and the feral side broke loose as the warrior slammed her armored fist down on an empty chair beside her, smashing it under the weight of her rage. Loudly she started breathing heavily, not from exhaustion but trying to regain composure and control of her anger. Heaving a heavy sigh the warrior brushed some stray strands of hair out of her face, finally getting a hold on her emotions again.

"I apologize for the outburst, especially if it scared any of you," she spoke while glancing around at the other patrons seated nearby. "Sometimes I am not known for my control when my blood really starts boiling."
As others began to seep into the bar, Donithil shifted from foot to foot, keeping his stone-cold face. He'd rather be back at the little corner they were sitting in. He could handle people and crowds, but sometimes things got out of hand. People didn't always know how to control themselves.

Deliane noticed Donithil's sudden leg movement and raised a brow, holding Moloch's gloves and folded cape in her hands. "Donnie, don't be so on edge. You're the one that wanted to come here in the first place, remember?" Deliane spoke with him in Thalassian, making sure their conversation was hidden from most of the others.

"I didn't expect you to make friends so quickly. I also wasn't going to allow myself to drink and I was just here to sit and watch and fight. Not do what you do." He replied, eyeing Deliane. "And I'm always like this, what's new?"

"True, you are. Except when we're on the ship. I like it better when you're happy. So why did we leave the ship to come here?" Deliane asked, though she knew the obvious answer. Money. They got plenty of it, or so Deliane thought. Maybe only she had gotten good money because she was now with her fiancé. She was used to sharing her money with Donithil, so maybe now he was the one that needed money. "You know... we don't have to fight... I can gi-"

"No. Deliane, we've had this discussion before. End of story." Donithil told her firmly, Deliane immediately shutting her mouth on the topic. It was then that Moloch von Zinzer was teleported into the arena, along with a hozen by the name of Chief Yip Yip. The twins glanced at each other, deciding to watch the fight as the other brawlers talked amongst themselves.

The fight started off slow, then built up, all to make the crowd anxious and excited. This one was all for show and nothing more it seemed. As Chief Yip Yip took Moloch's trousers from him, Deliane burst into laughter, clapping her hands together and putting Moloch's belongings that she held onto under her arm. "Oh, that was a good one! I'm sure the crowd liked that!" Deliane chirped, Donithil finally breaking his strict line of a mouth to reveal a tiny smile towards his sister. It was nice to hear her laugh.

The humor seemed to fade away though as it got brutal and violent. His true form began showing, but only partly. It caught the attention of the nearby worgen and caused her to go in an uproar. Donithil only glanced at her as she apologized. He wasn't affected by it, as he was sure others here weren't. Anger was a common thing in the world now-a-days.

As blood spurted from Chief Yip Yip's hand, Donithil rolled his eyes. "Whoever goes up against him is in for a treat." he grumbled, thinking the man was becoming a bit too violent.

"Well, he may be in for a treat as well. There are still other fighters we have yet to see." Deliane informed him, and Donithil noted she made a point. "How about just one more drink, while we wait for our turn? Maybe two."

"One." Donithil told her, holding up his pointer finger to emphasize it. "Just one." Deliane was happy enough with that answer, and the Sunblade twins stepped closer to the bar, Donithil ordering two small whiskeys.

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