382 WW monk LF Guild

As title says, looking for a raiding guild focused on progression at a reasonable pace.
I haven't had the chance to progress much through this xpac due to taking a break after the first week of MSV heroic release.
Previous HM raiding exp.

-DS Pre 15% nerf 8/8 HM
-FL Post nerf 8/8 HM
-BWD 6/6 HM

Add me on real ID if you want to discuss
Hi Apexxity :)

If you're looking for something more on the casual side Cult Gaming Aus has just started raiding. We're looking for a strong melee dps to help tie-together the raid team.

3/6 MSV after 1st raid night doesn't sound much, but we're a good group of guys and the progression will come.

We raid Mon/Thurs from 8:40pm onwards till about 12:30

Best wishes - Whistler
u r a noob

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