Time to bring group quests back?

Group quests were fun and engaging, you usually have to kill some powerful elite mob in the end of a quest chain. The ONLY problem with group quests was to find a group for them because it was hard to find people around. In my opinion the only problem of the empty world was not being able to find a group when i need one.

Because of people getting frustrated by not being able to finish group quest they removed them on patch 4.0.3.

They introduced CRZ on patch 5.0.4 which bring some world pvp (good and bad at the same time) and SOLVED the problem of empty world.

Group quests should now be brought back since the reason for their removal no longer stands. They make leveling by quest much more entertaining and fun.
Guess not.
What exactly has changed? Except for the current popular areas- those zones that are new since the last expansion- the rest of the world is still dead. I supposed they could get away with it in Pandaria for now, but would have to eliminate them once the next expansion comes out and Pandaria becomes a ghost town. For whatever reason people have gotten away from enjoying leveling and question (the part of the game I enjoy) so there are few other people to group with at lower levels. Then those quests just end up being dropped before they are finished.
Not sure about others but this has become a group quest for me...


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