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What professions are good to have across alts to make some gold? I want to start leveling profs to make some money cause I'm fairly broke atm. I already have max BS on one toon and max mining on another.
Tailoring=bags, everyone wants bigger bag space
Jewelcrafting=gems and jeweled panther mounts
Alchemy=Vial of the sands (idk if you have to be 525 skill for alchemy though)
Inscription=glyphs and companions
Um.. please do not follow the above list. You'll head in the wrong direction and be terribly frustrated. Only tailoring was correct.

Tailoring - Netherweave bags do sell consistently for a profit. You have to look at costs do determine if Frostweave and Embersilk bags are profitible. PVP starter gear is also a possibility depending upon market saturation. You can also sell spellthreads if they are profitable on your server.

Jewelcrafting- Primal diamonds, a few red/orange/purple/green cuts, Wrath gems. Never make mounts thinking you'll make a profit. It's fine to make them for yourself or your friends but they don't sell for a profit. Other than that, make everything you prospect into jewelry to use with -

Enchanting- D/E jewelry, turn the mats into popular enchants to place on vellums and sell those in the auction house. If the enchants are selling for less than the cost of the materials, sell mats instead.

Inscription- Dark Moon Faire cards, shoulder enchants and off-hands are where the profit lies unless you know "ALL" the glyphs and have time to babysit/undercut on the Auction House. It's the biggest moneymaker in Mists of Pandaria thus far.

Alchemy- Transmute to make those primal diamonds (and the occasional rare) for jewelcrating. It's a great raiding profession as well since you get double duration on your flasks. It's a more subtle moneymaker as you don't really sell much beyond living steel but you supplement your jewelcrafting to such a high degree that I believe everyone should have at least one alchemist.

A few posters are liking leatherworking for the starter gear and leg enchants. If these sell on your server it's a possibility.

Blacksmithing- starter gear and belt buckles (you get the living steel from alchemists).

Engineers sell starter trinkets. It's never been a huge moneymaker but it is something to sell to others which is a bonus for this profession.

Mounts and companions are never the bulk of your sales, especially since people only have to buy them once for all of their alts now.
Between various characters I have an herbalist, miner, alchemist, enchanter and jewelcrafter; that makes an effective profit circle in a couple of ways, and generally makes me more self-sufficient for raids, since I can provide these things all on my own:

Raw & cut gems, including meta
all enchants, fueled from jc trash

Only thing I have to buy is belt buckles, and non-enchanter enchants (shoulder, etc) and something else I am probably forgetting.
It'll vary from server to server, but generally speaking: inscription is excellent, alchemy and enchanting are both decent if you're willing to be patient, jewelcrafting is okay but not what it used to be.

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Mounts and companions are never the bulk of your sales, especially since people only have to buy them once for all of their alts now.

That's solid advice. I made the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket a couple weeks back on my engineer alt, knowing I probably wouldn't sell it, because I wanted one anyway. If I'd sold it, great, I'd make another for myself. As it is, I got sick of listing it after a couple weeks and just learned it for myself. But if you're spending every last piece of gold you have in the hopes that you'll double your money fast, mounts are risky.

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