pvp guild recruiting all pvpers

Bloodshot Eyes (Level 25) is a pure PvP based guild. All of our officer's live and breath PvP, we are always doing arena's and bg's, need an arena partner? We'll find you one. Want to run pre-made BG's? We always do. We are a friendly group and will do all we can to help you . We'll take any level (4.2k+ resil/arena experience would be nice, but not entirely necessary). We'll work towards getting you geared, and start running guild RBG's when we accumulate a solid group. and we will be doing wpvp and would love to talk to some of the alliance and maybe set up some events i think it would be nice to get alot of wpvp going on tich instead of sitting in a city all day

Recruiting all classes and PvP enthusiasts.

Whisper either me bojack or rrog in game, for more information

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