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I know you guys were using the pvp 4pc set pre-nerf for its opness (some still are), but have you considered using the 4pc ret pvp set on specific fights?

I'm specifically talking about Garalon where a holy paladin could tank the boss the whole fight and generate so much free HP in doing so.

How viable is this? After checking WoL I have to say I found at least one person who's holy power generation was too high to not be using this set with garalon's raid damage.

Sounds op for that fight!
I have never heard of doing this...but then again, we have tanks who can tank Garalon just fine:) Just spec into Holy Avenger if you want holy power when you need it instead of waiting for Divine Purpose procs...just my 2 cents.
First off...i have no numbers to back this up. Second: I would be very sceptical of anyone claiming that the amount of hp generated would make up for the loss of 4 pieces worth of primary stats, even if all the secondary stats ended up being actually useful. Just my gut reaction at first glance though.
Thought it was capped to 1hp per every 8 secs.
It is actually more beneficial to use no tank speced players for garalon as there is no point.

Using the set you'd get 52.5 holy power going to enrage, which is enough to cast 17 eternal flames. With divine purpose procs that number could push to 40, giving you 2 minutes of free EF on the raid just for having the set equip.
The 4-piece is capped at one per 8 seconds. So at most, you're looking at +7.5 HP per minute. The current PvP set is worth +1 HP per WoG/EF cast (when cast with 3 HP). Maybe 4 per minute. And the current PvE gear set is worth a theoretical +5 HP per minute (though +4 is more common).

You're not going to be hit exactly once every 8 seconds, but let's still keep it high. +7 HP per minute compared to the +4 from the other sets. This is a bonus of +1 Eternal Flame per minute (with Divine Purpose increasing it to +1.3 per minute). In exchange, we'd lose over 3k Intellect and a crapton of Spirit, not to mention the full loss of any secondary stats that were Hit or Expertise on the gear.

So no, I would not consider this a good usage at all.

The ret 4-piece is still partially viable for a tank, though. More HP = More SotR uptime. I think I remember Theck initially saying the set bonus was like having more than 10k additional haste for HP generation purposes, though I don't believe it was discussed in greater detail after that.

Side Note: I use the PvP gear set because I enjoy the playstyle change it affords, much more so than the PvE gear set. I am rewarded for gaining HP and Beacon swapping/Divine Light (best glyph ever), and my pooled Holy Power goes further... I bank 5 HP during low damage phases and thus have a heavy amount of burst healing ready at my fingertips to handle most situations.
Hence my comment about 1per 8 secs.

I also like the HPal PVP 4 set bonus, but have recently moved to White Tiger 2piece. The Holy Power generation was amazing, and you could definitely feel it on the mana side.

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