Hunter Professions.

What are the Best hunter Professions for raiding? As I am leveling a hunter to finally enjoy the game from a new point, was tanking since wotlk. I've been seeing alot of high top ranking hunters from wowprogress go Eng/LW. Why? and Maybe some help on other pair of professions that work well together.

-Thank you
I think the LW bracer enchant was rumored to give 20 more agi than the base 320, which is why you see more.
All professions give a 320 agility bonus.
Engineering synapse springs can scale better depending on RNG. Also it's real popular with PVPers because of rocket boost from belt enchant and the glider. It's also very handy to have for raids for Jeeves (repair bot), mailbox, and jumper cables (to rez someone). Also you can use the auction house in the Shrine if you are an engineer. It's just really convenient.
LW give you +500agi to your bracers.

Any of the crafting professions will work. Alot of people choose JC/BS for the extra gems and sockets you get from them. And that's just raiders in general and nothing to do with being a hunter.

Leveling I'd say skinning/LW will provide you with the best bang for your buck. As you can make your armor and get the mats for it yourself.
Well i am a skinner now and i get why you would be a BS/JC but can i get more on maybe why alot of wowprogess top ten hunters are LW/EnG? i mean their has to be a reacurrance on it for some reasons. i appreciate the feed back LW is the 500 agility ENG, im still a little lost. Just want to be making this character good all around
well there used to be differences in the crafting professions. So back in the day they picked up the best overall professions. However it really dosen't matter as they all do the same thing now. So there's no sense in dropping anything if you already have it to level something else that won't help out anymore than what you currently have.

I've never done engineering so I'm not entirely sure what it used to be to make it stand out. But as of now they all give you the same overall stat bonus.
I was under the impression that eng/blacksmithing currently offered the greatest dps boost.
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LW give you +500agi to your bracers.

I think the LW bracer enchant was rumored to give 20 more agi than the base 320, which is why you see more.

LW gives you a 500 Agility enchant to your bracers in lieu of the 180 Agility enchant provided by Enchanters. The overall gain is still just 320 Agility versus not having LW.

Engineering provides a cooldown that averages out to +320 Agility versus not having Engineering. However, because it's on the same 1 minute cooldown as Bestial Wrath, and PvP is all about burst, Engineering works better for PvP. For PvE, it's a wash.

BS provides two extra gem sockets, which enables you to get +320 Agility, +480 secondary stats, or a combination of the two. That means that BS enables you to gem extra PvP Power or Resilience, whereas no other profession does this.

If you are strictly min/maxing for PvP, then you should probably go BS/Eng. If this is for PvE, then any of the crafting professions but Tailoring will provide an equivalent bonus on average. However, I would actively recommend against JC if you are min/maxing, because once epic gems are released, JC will be objectively the worst crafting profession, providing less than 320 Agility than not having JC. That, of course, assumes they repeat the pattern from Cata where they did not release JC-only epic gems.
I leveled LW/Skinning to max lv, made some decent coin, dropped skinning and powerleveled Engi. I would suggest that you do the same. The "Perks" of these two professions are really appealing, both in PvE and PvP.

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