When did you start Roleplaying?

Wyrmrest Accord
I'm totally gonna poach this from the Moon Guard forums to see how it goes here...

When/Where/How did you first start roleplaying?

As my post over there said, Batman and the Little Mermaid were made for each other, and Batman can beat Godzilla in hand to hand combat just because.

Playing pretend. Roleplaying before you knew what it was.
Well, if we're counting playing pretend, then it started with being Queen of the Power Rangers from ages 4 through 9.

Online, it was Harry Potter roleplaying at age 13.
Gaia Online...

I went from *stabbing the demon in the face* to full enviromentally detailed paragraphs in about 4 months of being there and getting mentored by some nice folks.
Play pretend is a bit unfair since there's like no kid that doesn't do it.

Legit roleplay, though, I started during Warcraft III about... 12 years ago now? Almost 13. DoBRP and what have you. Good lord I don't even remember the story. Something about a female elven ranger and the prince of a human kingdom fighting off dozens of bandits and demons and whathaveyou.
I picked up some DC comics RPG book way back when I was a kid and spent my time rolling up characters and writing stories.

I didn't actually get into tabletop until years later, and that was with the original V:tM.
When I first heard about roleplaying in the WoW beta.

Someone was talking about making a guild for it. I asked what it was and how it was done.

And then bam.
Playing pretend Pokemon with two of my best friends in elementary. Or playing Ninja Strike Team in my backyard with my brother and two long, metal poles about my height that were conveniently left there for some reason.
neopets boards

DnD Ed.1 "Pencil and Paper" xpac. The graphics were terrible but the sandbox style game play was fantastic.
In college. We were out in the middle of nowhere and my friends bugged me into downloading Yahoo Chat. We would use it to troll people and get our kicks. I came upon a Marvel/DC chat room and, being a comic fan, I hopped in. Inside people were writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, RPing.

I thought it was hilarious, and laughed that people were "wasting time when they could just go write a book instead".

About a week later, my own curiosity and enjoyment of creative writing got the best of me, and I made a new chat name to try and infiltrate this den of RPers. Got hooked and have been RPing ever since. From Yahoo Chat, to MySpace, to WoW. I enjoy creating stories with other people.
My most vivid memories of childhood imagination? Me pretending to be Darth Vader (yes I am a female), while simultaneously being pursued by Darth Vader (I was an only child); and me pretending to be the horse (Artax), fighting to escape the Swamp of Sadness, in Never Ending Story.

As for real RP, I first started 19 years ago, with AD&D, Second Edition, in a Forgotten Realms Campaign. I have been RPing ever since.

I even used to make my boyfriend RP with me, for hours on the phone, as our D&D characters. Haha, wow....just wow. Even I am shaking my head at my dorkiness.
My mom ran a BBS in the 90's so as a kid I grew up with MUDs, but my first real RP experience wasn't until Neverwinter Nights. I played on a Princess Bride server. It was scripted very nicely.
2003, Warriors forum RP.

Not the greatest thing ever but it developed my writing and reading skills to what they are today and I'm proud of it and the characters I made. I don't remember how old I was when I started though, not good counting backwards.
I think I first started rping when I was... eighteen? I did a lot of forum rp, mostly free-form high fantasy stuff.
I did tabletop in high school (and I'm not saying the year), started WoW in 2006 and picked an RP server to start, been RPing in WoW ever since.
My first roleplay was in Dark Age of Camelot in 2001 when I was 9. I didn't RP at all during original wow, but when BC came out I started on Sisters of Elune as a night elf hunter named Dhamphir who was a chef/moron/makeup enthusiast.
Gaia Online...

Same! It wasn't until I came here that I refined my technique.
AOL Rhydin RP chatrooms.

and that included the stupid coding for those colorful profiles.
AOL 2.0 here, too. Sup Rhy`Din?
1997 when the Internet was still young and just getting off the ground in Beseen Internet chatrooms.

I really didn't start refining my RP skills until I started playing around in MUCKs/MUDs though.

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