When did you start Roleplaying?

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AOL Chatroom when I was 15. Like Xmen, Buffy, Charmed, ect.
The earliest I can remember was about 23 years ago, when I first moved out to california to live with my dad. He took me to his weekend 'zombie survival' table top roleplay game. We all had characters we made up and he would take us through all kinds of events. Our actions dictated how we lived, including what kind of personalities we had, etc. It was SUPER fun. I don't have a lot of memories earlier then that, 12 and younger was a blur of school all the time. So that'll have to do with first roleplay experience (I am not counting regular playing house, play pretend kids do)
First ever was Star Wars forum based RP back in... oh lordy... back in 2005 I think? Have been doing some sort of forum based RP ever since, though my first foray into ingame RP has been just recently here in WoW.
Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale.

I invented small backstories for all the characters, even if I never got much farther than the first prologue scenes(I was twelve and had the attention span of a hot dog)

Then there was Warcraft 3 maps like DoBRP. I'd invent my own stories within Warcraft Lore and kept 10 other players entertained for literally hours.

After playing two years of WoW and finding something missing, I started a toon on Moon Guard and was sucked into the RP. It's been a blast ever since.
>_> Well, around when I was in high school and a bit after I roleplayed a little on this chat room for a pet game site. The RP had nothing to do with the site and it was all silly. My friend was a dragon and I was his pet zombie bird. He'd feed me bluejays. Another friend was Tails and one was a wolf.

As for serious RP, it was on a Harry Potter site. I was a Slytherin :D And then for a couple years I didn't do any until about a year after I joined WrA.
This time, last year.
Forever intimidated by everyone on this server. Everyone I meet is like "Yeah I started RP when I was a teenager." I try not to suck.

I started RP about August / September 2011. (Latter part of season 10.) I had shelved wow a few times; skipped 80% of WotLK, played for a few months at the start of Cata, quit again.

Decided I wanted to play again, but was tired of the same old rubbish, and the same old pvp server crowd. The lore of the game had always fascinated me since Vanilla, and I had this idea in my head of what RP would be like..

So I did my research, read forums and learnt what I could. Found WrA seemed to be voted as one of the best RP servers.. I reactivated my account and came here. A noob!

RP has been interesting, I have taken big breaks from RP while being here, all up I have probably only done it for 12 months in total. The community here is what keeps me playing, though. I am still looking for that immersive experience I was hoping for when I decided to RP.
In the olden days, when I was a kid, my brother and sister and I would play a game we called Paper Stuff. We would come up with an imaginary world, and draw our cast of characters and cut them out. We would play for hours at a time, and some games would stretch out over days. Usually the world was based on a TV show or a book I had read (I am the oldest), or some conglomeration of those. Over the years, my brother and sister grew out of this game, but I never did. (Silly me!)

This was not different from role-playing in WoW in any way I can think of, other than that the characters were made of paper instead of pixels. Oh, and we said what we were doing aloud rather than typing it out. We had mains and alts, and vigorous discussions (OK, arguments) over what was allowable by the rules of the game world.

When I got to college, there was this new game called Dungeons & Dragons that people in the media were all worried about. Well, it was new to the Midwest! I could see that it was nothing more than playing pretend for grown-ups, with dice to settle things rather than one's powers of persuasion. I was eager to play, although I only ever got to do so once or twice.

<insert long boring stretch in which I raise my family>

As for WoW, I started playing in Jan 2005, and once I discovered that people role-played here, I have been doing it for most of the last 8 years.
Age 9 in some kids chatroom (stranger danger).

I was a Shoyru and my first roleplay was about making a sandwich.
When I started rping was in 1993 playing the board/VHS game DragonStrike was 6 years old then playing the game with my older brothers, then evolved to D&D second/third edition, Vampire the Masquerade, yahoo user rooms, then finally moved to WoW.
For me it was about thirteen years ago when I helped moderate the Planet Morrowind forums back on GameSpy. Wrote several stories and participated in alot of threads via their Tavern forum. The thing I love most about roleplaying?

It feels just as fresh and alive now as it did thirteen years ago.
I started roleplaying with various pen and paper RPGs when I was little. Paladium, TSR and some of the Fighting Fantasy settings. Playing as our characters was always more fun than following what the modules told us to do.

My online RP experiences began in a WoD MUD called Ashland.
Definitely AOL 3.0. I saw a few others started on AOL too, anyone remember the Order of the Crimson Star? I'd totally forgotten about a lot of this stuff until right now. I remember my first exposure was at a friend's house because I had a PC, but no internet. This was probably 15 years ago now, maybe more.
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Forever intimidated by everyone on this server. Everyone I meet is like "Yeah I started RP when I was a teenager." I try not to suck.

If it makes you feel better, I never said I was good at it *grin*
I started back about 9 years ago on a website called The Keep.

I was lucky to be gettin more than two-three sentences at a time. After a few months I began to get better and better as I realize the more detailed my posts were there would be less of a chance in someone getting confused during fights or taking advantage of the lack of detail and beating me faster.

The website had ALOT of fights/duels.

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