Upgrade account after already upgrading?

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On 1/26/2013, I purchased the Mists of Pandaria digital upgrade (as clearly seen by my character - level 86 with MoP items). However, when I went to log in this evening I was prompted on my character login screen to once again upgrade my account. My battle net account is also not showing that I have previously upgraded to MoP (which again....doesn't seem possible given that I have been playing the new expansion for over a week now and have the email confirmation as evidence of the completed purchase).

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
It could be the charge was declined and they pulled the xpack. Are you able to play your 86 character?
No, I cannot play this character or any other character tied to MoP.

I thought this may have been the case too as I'm unable to see the transaction in my credit card activity history, which is also odd enough given that I just paid off my outstanding balance early (the day following the purchase).

I just want to confirm that a declined charge is the only explanation for this account issue before I go about upgrading again.
Then that is what happened. You are gonna have to submit a ticket to talk to billing, and sort things out there.

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