Level 60 PvP Gear - Worth it?

Levelling my first Holy Paladin and wondering if the Field Marshal's Lamellar Set is worth using at level 60?

It would seem that even though there is mana regen included in the set, Spirit is far too lacking.

Looking at combining these with the Grand Marshal's Warhammer and Tome of Restoration.

Thanks in advance!
If you are protection, you should not be using Intellect or Spirit gear. You need Strength and Stamina with tanking stats.

Noting that, I believe it is worth it since honor is relatively easy to obtain and it puts you a bit ahead for leveling through Outland.
Only reason to buy that stuff is if you're leveling heavily through battlegrounds and you know you're going to cap on honor points.

It'll be useful for a couple levels, but it's not even close to necessary.

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