Events Tab creates armory error

Mobile Bug Report

After the Maintenance was over, i went into the mobile armory, and there were new things posted in the Events i went to check it out, and when i tap it, it tells me "Armory Error: This character profile is currently unavailable due to a long period of inactivity."

Anyone else having this problem?


We're experiencing some issues with both our websites and the Mobile Armory at the moment.
Thank you Wilebosk. :)
Kevaara, are you still running into this error?
Yes sir I am. I just checked now, and it still says the same thing when trying to access events.

What events give this error? Player created, Guild events, or events generated by the game? Is it for this character only, some, or all characters on your account?
Everything. All the events that are supposed to be displayed in this tab whether they be events generated by the game, guild events, anything...when i "tap" this tab on the mobile armory..i get that error. Tried all my characters on my account and it says the same thing. Would you like a screen shot?
Sorry, I was out of the office for half of last week, so was not able to get back to you until now.

No other issues with the Mobile Armory? Guild Chat and Auction House work fine? How about the Character Profile, 3D model loading, and other character specific aspects of the application.

Also, are you experiencing this problem when accessing the web auction house?
Hello sir.

Well right now, the mobile armory will not load for me...guild chat, auction house, nothing is loading for me. When i try to bring up the app, the little loading circle keeps going around and around and then an error message comes up saying login failed, or can't connect to chat..

Do you want a screen shot of what i see when i hit the events tab?
Hello again sir.

Just wanted to let you know that about 30 minutes ago i tried reinstalling the app to see if that would rectify the events tab problem i've been having...but alas, it does not...

Interesting. So this started out as an Events issue and now you cannot load the Mobile Armory at all?

Are you able to log into WoW with the characters you're using in the Mobile Armory?

Some technical questions:
Are you connecting via WiFi or over a cellular network?
What mobile device model, OS version, and Mobile Armory version are you using?
Ok, The Mobile Armoy is working wasn't when everyone else was having the problem...thats working now. But the events tab is still not working.

Right this minute I'm on the cellular network...3G...but when i'm home at nights i'm using WIFI.

I have an IPhone 4, iOS 6.1, Armory Version 5.2.1

If you have an email, i can email you a screenshot i just took of what comes up when i hit the events tab...unless theres a way to post one in here...

Let me know!
I understand the inactivity error so would not require a screenshot. Usually these types of errors will clear up over time, but since it's persisted for so long, I'll forward this to someone to investigate further.
ok thank you much. how will i hear back? from another cs rep on here? or would u like my email to contact me privately?
I'll be contacting you here in this thread. Please force close the application and try again. We *may* have fixed this issue.
nope, still doing it... :(
any new update? Thanks..sorry for being such a bother about this..
We just got back from the weekend, so have not had a chance to look into this further. Are you experiencing this same issue on the WoW Community website?
Just tried the community website, and everything is working fine there...just on the mobile armory...
Good morning Sir.

As of 8:17 am EST on Wednesday 2/20...the events tab now works!!!

Thank you much!

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