The Lion Roars: Really? PvP to PvE?

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Two thumbs down on the developer(s) who came up with the opposite of brilliant quest. So there's going to be alot of people who will refuse to complete this quest. I am one of them. To force someone who is PvE, geared PvE, and hasn't done PvP since WLK to go into a battleground and try to do PvP is just stupid. Since I'm pretty much exaulted with everyone, no point in playing the game anymore.

Time to find a new game since this one now totally sucks, and blows, at the same time.
Agreed, I'm on a PvE realm for a reason; I don't want to deal with the stun/fear/root fest that is BS PvP in WoW.
I completely agree OP!
Sadly the devs have decided to ignore us on this.
Been a lot of threads about this issue and i have tweeted gc every day for weeks and he has not responded.
Seems the blues can respond to a lot of post about nothing but cant be bothered to respond to a real issue!
In talking with a friend who's heavily into PVP, he mentioned that his guild is especially excited about the quest because it's hunting season on awfully geared (for pvp) raiders. Even better is that you can complete the earlier stages of the quest through LFR, meaning that some of the people who come into the BG don't even have the basic skill sets that a raider might have to give them a fighting chance.

The only downside in his opinion is that you can't form complete pre-mades anymore but even still, he says, 5 strong and co-ordinated pvp'ers will more than make up for it. Even in the first two weeks, he and members of his guild were able to do a lot of gearing on their alts just by the fact that those BGs have essentially been free honor besides the rare event of meeting up with another team that is trying to do the same thing on the opposite faction.

So yes, thank you for more forced PVP. I'm glad a way was found to make us do the new BGs; perhaps next time you can tie it into Pet Battles or Brawler's Guild since those too are new to MoP and are at least based on individual merit rather than the mercy of whomever you happened to be paired up with?
I can't believe they are basically forcing people to pvp to finish a pve quest chain! Like alot of friends I stopped pvping long ago because of a lack of balance in the match ups, not to mention other lesser concerns, and now I have to enter two new ones, one of which I tried and sure enough it was so one sided and lame that I will not continue the chain and will give serious thought as to wether I will continue playing WoW based on the direction they are taking with crap like that along with their supposed better loot system, rep grinds to get those stupid charms etc. BUT the absolute worst idea ever is introducing pvp required elements to pve ie instances in Wintergrasp, TolBarad and now the dumbest... bg's to complete pve quests!! Really if pvp player numbers are down or whatever maby address the problems with pvping before you try and force these HK/Honor farming grounds on the pve community!
02/06/2013 10:04 PMPosted by Apolai
I can't believe they are basically forcing people to pvp to finish a pve quest chain!

It's not that bad. Queue for a few battles until you get into a team that is good enough to win despite your own inexperience.

My statistics:

Temple of Kotmogu battles 1
Temple of Kotmogu victories 1
Silvershard Mines battles 3
Silvershard Mines victories 1

...and now I'm done with the quest, and can go back to ignoring PVP. :-)
Blizz this was a horrible decision. This is does not make the game more fun! Also, why is pvp all about stuns, silence and insta cast. I spend almost the entire fight locked out or locked up. No wonder people do not enjoy pvp.
Agreed with Inushi, jumped into ToK with PvE gear and won first time (thanks to an organized and well communicated group). SM took 4 times but the 3rd was close, lost by 100ish. I felt the same pressure of 'oh crap you're kidding me, pvp?' but it wasnt that bad. Way worse is this waiting for a group to do Change of Command. That's nuts! Blizz might want to consider a queue for it, even a shared queue with LFR, or something. I feel like im spamming lfg's every zone i fly into. The fight should be legendary, not the process to get the fight going, lol.

I'm guessing Blizz did this to give us PvErs a taste of PvP, cause we may just like green eggs and ham after all. Just not sure this was the right way to do it.
People have spent more time QQing about having to win 2 BGs than it actually takes to do so. You're not being asked to run rated BGs or arenas to a high rating. You're being asked to win 2 random BGs. 2.

Funny, when this was mentioned vaguely in the pre 5.1 questline description, as it alluded to PvP, I don't remember so many complaints.
02/07/2013 12:39 AMPosted by Inushi
It's not that bad.

It wouldn't be bad if the transition from PvE to Pvp was exciting, but Warcraft's PVP is such a pile of crap, that they have to put "Motivations" for almost everyone other than pvpers to go into battlegrounds is probably the ONLY reason this quest exists to begin with.

Face it blizzard, your pvp sucks and each time you go to balance something, you leave Hunter's and Warriors so far up everyone's asses, that it takes you two patch rotations to even start addressing the issue.
Oh, get over it. I for one am very happy to have a quest with a reasonable possibility of failure. Was it really more fun to grind LFR for 6 weeks? Is grinding valor for 6 weeks going to be fun? Heaven forbid they make a quest in the legendary questline that you can't AFK your way through.

It isn't like you need to be good at pvp to accomplish this quest anyway. I'm not a pvper at all, and it took me 4 tries at Silvershard Mines to get a win. Oh my gosh! I blew an hour on a quest! I feel so terrible now, like Blizzard has violated my tender sensibilities by making me get stunned a couple times!

Give me a break. Stop whining and just go do the BG. You'll be done and you can go back to doing dailies for hours every day, and everything will be fine.
Oh, please. You have to win two BG's.

And besides, it's not like it'll be impossible to do so. Not every BG is filled with elite-geared players waiting to pounce on the first PvE geared person doing their legendary quest.

If it was RBG's, I'd understand a bit more, but this is a normal BG we're talking about.

TL;DR: Do your bg's and get over it.
really its not so bad. and theres only two ? two bgs causing all this QQ ?
i dont pvp either but have done a little with a guildie and for those children week achvs wich i absolutely dreaded because of the horror stories i read here, turned out to be pretty exciting and i accomplished them in no time.
in fact ,i can honestly say running back with that flag as the battle raged around me, almost not making it ,with the enemy right behind me and team mates counter attacking was the most excited i had been in a while.
the only pvp gear i have is a headpiece, so you dont need all sorts of it.
give it a try you might die and fail but you might get some fun out of it :)
The idea was to get you to see an aspect of the game you may or may not have looked at in a while. Its not the best way to do it but at the same time it wasnt as god awful as all that lol
This quest took me like an hour to complete, stop whining like children.
The best is how they tell us they don't want to force PvPers to play in a way they don't enjoy.

Making PvEers PvP? Pfft, who cares, get over it.
PvP in PvE? Oh you poor sweet dear. Here, we'll nerf a class for doing too much damage in arenas for you.
I think it's pretty stupid too making pvp mandatory for a pvp questline....I spent hours tonight. 37 bg's all lost. Thank you blizzard for f'ing up this pve questline. Horde just smash the !@#$ outa us all night long and it aint letting up anytime soon lol.
One little tip I might be able to offer you is if you are having a lot of trouble winning a BG you may want to consider queuing for that BG at a different time/day of the week. You're going to be most likely to be stomped when you run into a pre-made on the other faction. In my experience this tends to happen more in 'prime time' and less likely during less peak hours.

Also if you have no resilience its always a good strat to run with the pack.. its just harder to focus down on you when you're one of a bunch of guys.

Also if you're a healer, consider not going in as a no resilience healer.. you *will* die very quickly. Go in as dps instead.

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