The Lion Roars: Really? PvP to PvE?

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Having PvP gear, at least the beginning "contender" set, doesn't make a bit of difference. Horde gets rolled in BG's on my server. I'm sick of spending hours trying to win one frigging BG just so I can advance a quest line. I abhor PvP. It used to be fun, but being forced to do it makes it even less enjoyable than it was before. I raid. I enjoy PvE questing. I don't enjoy being forced to do PvP.

This is absolutely the worst decision Blizzard has made for this expansion. Whichever dev thought forcing people who hate PvP to do it was a good idea should go back to doing something more his or her skill level - like waiting for the buzzer to go off announcing that the fries are done.
I concur..bad choice Blizz...PVP and PVE should remain independent of each other..I don't want to see the new battleground you designed..I could care why make me? is just one victory in 2 BG's but its the principle..not to mention you cannot queue for the Domination Point Warlord quest make the game not very fun at all by doing this...
its not inexperience that is the issue, its that i need a whole new set of gear just for pvp to be effective aside from my pve set of gear. I'm a very experienced pvper, but when i crit for 50k with my strongest attack and i'm getting hit not crit for 60k+ no amount of experience is going to win the fight for me.

I personally do not pvp in wow because of resilience. Having to put in more hours of grinding into wow than i put in at my job every week is not something i'm willing to do. They need to remove resilience, and up the amount honor each piece costs, then make all gear identical to tier with a rough equivalence in time spent in game per piece. Once all gear is essentially equal then quests like this are fine, till then pvers are just free kills for pvpers because our gear actually hurts us for pvp.
02/20/2013 11:55 AMPosted by Pandasmash
its that i need a whole new set of gear just for pvp to be effective aside from my pve set of gear

Why bother with becoming optimally effective? You're not doing high-end arena or RBGs. You're doing random un-rated BG, and if you're on this quest, you are a raid-geared toon.

I just put on my Fury offset gear (generally LFR level, 470ish), equipped my level 80 pvp trinket (lol), and hit the queues.
I can't say that this was my favorite thing to do, but still managed to get it done the same day I picked it up, and only grouped with one person from guild.
ok you guys QQing about the doing 2 bgs for a BiS weapon is going to cause mass suicides
it takes about a hour maybe
quit the QQ
By far the WORST thing ever in a pve quest chain. I am not sure why, as a pure pve player, I am being FORCED to step into a side of the game that I:

1) do not have, nor working on, nor care to collect gear for. And without gear you are horrible to begin with.

2) have to play in what some are saying is an unbalanced pvp area, leaning toward the horde (Slivershard Mines), and that pug groups do not to win on the alliance side. Making it almost impossible to "just get this done."

3) have my blood pressure elevated, my frustration level skyrocket and my desire to not play this game anymore (let alone throwing of objects and destroying things in frustration) even remotely a part of a pve quest chain.

I chose a long time ago not to play pvp for the reasons above. I suck at it. I know I do. I do not want to aggravate regular pvp players with my horrible pvp skills. So after almost 3 year, now I HAVE to do this for my pve items? Really Blizz? And sorry regular pvp players, I might just lose the match for you as I am forced to trudge thru this horrible mistake.

So far it has not taken an hour..the Battlegroup im in...Alliance NEVER wins Silvershard..ive run it 17 times so far...everytime we lose...this questline is BS...
I completely agree with the OP. I have this quest now, and have no desire to complete it. Forcing people who do not PVP into battlegrounds only ruins the experience for real PVP'ers as they are having to carry under geared/inexperienced players who will basically AFK for the battleground. It has to be just as frustrating for both sides of the argument, the PVP player who wants to win and the PVE player that is forced to be there. Terrible decision Blizz!
02/09/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Aurellis
Not sure what Blizzard was thinking when they thought it would be a good idea to require players to go into battlegrounds, much less WIN THEM to progress a PvE quest.

This is what they were thinking:

Speaking of raids, we also weren’t particularly happy with how accessible legendary items became in Cataclysm. Multiple characters in a single raiding guild were getting, and worse, expecting a legendary weapon. Legendaries are supposed to be rare and exciting, not a bar you fill up like some reputation grind, and certainly not something you feel entitled to get because it’s “your turn.” Dragonwrath in particular was usable by a large variety of class specs, which coupled with the guarantee to completion, just made them too ubiquitous.

Not saying I agree or disagree, but seems that the PvP requirement is one way that Blizz is trying to separate out the "haves" and "have-nots."
It's been two days of trying. All times of the day and night. No wins in Silvershard Mine yet. Never even remotely close. Tell me again that it only takes an hour, please tell me again. It makes me feel so much better.
oh this explains a lot.

I was wondering why I see a lot of PvE geared players in there..

I fully agree - PvE quests shouldn't involve PvP, and vice-versa .. a lot of players would get upset if they had to get PvP weapons from raids.

It reminds me of the Baradin Hold raid which has achievements that fall under PvP. Whilst I realise that it involves winning a Tol Barad battle to access it, a raid is still a raid which isn't PvP.
I've done it twice-- once as DPS and once as a tank.

Being a raid-geared DPS the PvP Power/Resilience may be a loss, but you're wearing high-powered gear, so you should be using it as such. You are a glass cannon-- pick someone and kill them (doubly so for Kotmogu-- the guys carrying the orb explode just by holding it). Stick by a healer if at all possible.

Being a raid-geared Tank, sure you lose out having no Resilience, but you still take far longer to bring down than the average PvE player, so you use that to your advantage. For Silvershard that means holding on to the mine carts while your allies do the heavy lifting for you. For Kotmogu that means carrying the orb.

I guarantee most of the people you fight against are also PvE geared or minimally PvP geared-- it almost doesn't matter.
I've lost Silvershard mines 8 times IN A BLOODY ROW.

I can't describe how much I wish the well-being of whoever approved the creation of this quest.
02/05/2013 05:05 PMPosted by Krayken
Agreed, I'm on a PvE realm for a reason;

Iam on a PvE realm aswell i think its a bad move blizzard is still trying to force PvE players to pvp just to prop up pvp
I love all the backlash. I do have to wonder how people who only PvP would feel if they were required to complete two raids in order to get a piece of PvP gear.
The idea was to get you to see an aspect of the game you may or may not have looked at in a while. Its not the best way to do it but at the same time it wasnt as god awful as all that lol

I know what rat droppings are.

Doesnt mean I need to eat them.
The deafening complaints and outrage and ragequits over the years when people were "forced" to do other aspects of this game than their norm is pretty hilarious.

The Long Strange Trip had achievements from Everything, dungeon runs, PvP battlegrounds with your orphan, etc. etc. and the yelling/screaming/crying was crazy. And that was just for a mount. (Flier with free epic flying but still just a mount).

I'm always amazed that some people only play one part of WoW to the exclusion of all the fun features.

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