Bow and Gun drop rate

My question to hunters is anyone else having an irregularly hard time getting a raid bow or gun to drop? Theres really 3 bosses that drop an epic bow or gun and I have over 80 kills according to DBM combined. Like 20+ of MV and 20+ terrace runs, 3 coins a week, 40+ kills in Gate heroic. Im not exaggerating either. It just seems like if you kill stuff 80-90 times your item will drop off one of three bosses sometime? When should I call it a bug? Am I alone? Are other 2H weps like this? I see pretty undergeared guys rockin em all the time. IDK man.
I was. The I won LFR bow and normal bow last week. Just keep doing it eventually something will drop
ive seen them only once each
yes, its absolutely ridic that you cannot get a decent bow or gun. I have not been able to regular raid the last 2 months and I have been religiously running lfr and that stupid heroic that sometimes drops the purple. In LFR I have had the same belt (that I am wearing) drop the last 3 weeks. Never has Lei Shei or the emperor dropped a bow or gun for me.
Blizzard--how am I supposed to upgrade my bow/gun if I can't regular raid!!!! I've got the valor upgrade to my lovely Firebelcher Cannon that I've had for months. Give us some options guys other than a regular raid!!!
:3 got my bow first heroic
Gun dropped first time ever through terrace. I've had it drop 2 more times since. I've yet to ever see any of the bows drop. RNG is a cruel mistress....
Got the bow my first Will kill.
Got the gun my first Lei Shi kill.
10 weeks for Will bow to drop
Been 12 weeks and no gun drop while I have both the gem and socket taking up space in the bank
All I can say is that I have 29 kills and counting...still no gun...sadly, I have the gem and the prismatic...but nothing to use it on. If you count all the coins I have used it is getting a bit ridiculous...even with my luck this is broken.
I agree - the drop rate sucks. However, you forgot Klatith Fangs of the Swarm that drops off of Raigonn.
Killed Tortos the other night, I coined that mofo but got nothing :(

Maybe the Durumu and Iron Qon will be nice to me when I get there >.<
I agree, I have the gem, and the prismatic, have killed Lei Shei uncountable times, and Tortos over and over, my avr gear is now 495 and stuck with a 463 bow, iv'e mad runs over and over for the 476 bow and am left holding the coin bag, 50 to 70k dps with an old bow is nuts, it's enough to make ya wanna just quit playing
Thank god for the Klaxxi rep gun or I would be completely screwed... Dungeon spamming for them, all of lfr every week, blowing all the bonus rolls for nothing.
Already got tentacle crossbow. Giggidy.

But sadly, I would actually give that up for tier armor. I'm a sucker for bonus sets.
Every other raid ever: hated my guts.
LFR: hates my guts.
Lei Shi and Tortos? Love me to pieces. First time on both of those. I swear, Throne throws me all the loot...

The average drop rate on them, however, seems pretty freaking low. Which is not to be unexpected for a "one class" item.
The tyrannical crossbow is 493. Conquest cap for 4 weeks and run the pvp dailies on the island of thunder once and you'll have it, and that's if you haven't started at all and don't plan to do arena or RBGs. I have the 502 from Tortos but that was my backup plan.
the ranged weapon drop rate this expansion sucks
I got bow with charm. haven't seen it drop sense and the gun don't even get me started. Also its not only this hunter I have 2 hunters that are 90.
There are a total of 4 different bows / crossbows / guns this tier. 3 of them drop directly off of bosses and the last is a random drop that you can get on any boss in the instance or via a coin roll.

This tier is, by far, the best tier for ranged weapon drops.


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