Origin of your rogue's name

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Mine's pretty easy, Jiraiya from Naruto.
I wanted Mormegil (from Silmarillion- Tolkien) but it was taken, so i took the darker sister.

I was really fond of Mormegil (Turin Turamar and other names) and his sad story. It was the first book that made me cry.

True story.
i'm very sick
"Cause I'm like a ninja bro!" :D When I was in high school I used to say that all the time when i managed to pull off some act of stupidity and somehow not injure myself.
College nickname
Tedra is the heroine in my favourite romance novel series. I wanted a toon named after her and the rogue was the closest class to her character that I could think of (she's a Sec 1, which is basically high level government security). I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved the rogue class as much as the name and she's been my main since the day I created her.
Wanted sinbad, from arabic folk law...was taken so I went with sinsbad.

When I xferred off my old realm, I wanted to change it up so I figured sinzx
Back when i played Everquest Online Adventures, there was this Barbarian Warrior named Soulwarr in my guild who would go out of his way to lend a hand whenenver he could. Whether it be quests, mob camping or showing guildmates where certain Coachmen were. Soulwarr always had your back.
Gaelic for fighter.
Thought it was appropiate for an undead.
Just a random name that came across my mind and I wrote it, later to be turned to define how Zesty I am.
First Toon BC. Hit Random button until I saw a name I thought was good for a RP realm.

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Gaelic for fighter.

Didn't know that, my RL name means "foot soldier", and is similar...
From the band called static x one of their albums is called cult of static so I ended up with statically
Well, because it's time to.... Brb.
It's a role playing name, that I used for years. I was looking for something latin-ish and short so that it could be typed quickly. I had just bough EQ and started a wood elf druid at the request of friends. Aeri is then name of a character from Baldurs Gate 2, and she was a really flexible member of the party, so I always kept her around. Druids were very flexible characters in EQ so it made sense. Aeri was taken so I tacked on a "wen" and viola.

I had just found this new game named WoW and played the beta. I first tried the pet classes because in EQ they were so effective at soloing. Created a lock and hunter. By the end of the beta it was clear that rogues were great soloers and levelers. This was a rarity for melee and MMO up to that point hadn't been very good to people without a group. So, when the live servers were launched, I rolled a rogue as my first character and my main. I fell in love with the stealth, utility, no cast bars, and no rotational cooldowns. Haven't looked back since.

So, I guess you could say that I'm a FotM reroll, if you count beta. :P

Also its kinda funny but in EQ and early WoW druids were not able to perform quite as well as other classes. I knew what it was like being a "second class citizen" from EQ so that was one of the reasons I decided against a druid. And now being a pure is more like penalty, as all they did was flip the tables. I can't win.

This is why you choose a classed based on fun, not performance. Because the patches will come. :P
Thunderlips baybaaa!!!!

Like some of the others I just used the random name generator until something popped up that I liked.
Well, you see...

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