Origin of your rogue's name

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I used to play a game called Spore, where you can create creatures and civilizations and such. I made a hamster-thing race and I wanted to give them a Greek theme. After messing around with "-ph" and "-eus" ,(they sound like Greek, right?), I came up with "Apheus". So, when I hopped back on WoW I made a worgen rogue, leveled him to 20-something and forgot about him. A few months later, before Mists came out, rogues started being fun so I power leveled him, and wallah!
Remember, Remember ....
The Fifth of November. ^

Both my lvl 90 Rogues. lol
Big V for Vendetta Fan, of both the comics and the movie. My undead rogue was just Bankrogue in BC and when I decided to lvl him I changed it to Vendetta, Long before they came out with the talent.
TapDestroy , MTG Card game , I tap and Destroy.

Or you could be a pervert.. I Tap and destroy that.. yeah.
So their I was thinking about what I should name myself, then it hit me, I have amazing fluffy chest hair.
Whoa! Ouch! Jakebadlands should avoid mines! :)
<------ Nuff said. XD
I was running a gnome rogue for ages... Then Cata reared its head.

Goblin? Why, sure! Now, what sounds both feminine and has that little punch that lets you know she's the real deal...

Here I am!
Total biscuit's video on the gnome starting zone.
Combination of the first names of myself, and my partner.
The exploding sheep in Elwynn Forest.
It's a glass cannon, quite literally. Less than 100 HP and you're flying backwards off a cliff. :3
A modification of the name Togec, which I got from the random name generator in SWG a long, long time ago... (RIP in peace ;_;)
My friend made a word, that word was Chipetan (Chip-uh-tin)

He said it meant "Angered or crazed child".

I saw Trolls had a move called Berserking. That means you get mad, right? I'm also childish and self-proclaimed crazy.

I'm the Chipetan that the World of Warcraft Deserves, but not the Chipetan it needs right now.
It's my middle name~.
You already know the reason.
Acidfx is my original name but someone had it on this realm, It was my old Counter-strike name from back in 1998 and I have had it ever since in every game I played, I use different variations of the A or I in wow but yeah this is basically my name for every game I've played online since then.
I chose my rogue's name because of the L's, you can't forget L's...
Old word from Seneca (native American) language for 'stealthy'. The Mingo tribe also got their name from this one.
I stalk Darkshire, it seemed appropriate.

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