Monk, Lock and Warrior Looking for a New Home

Mistweaver Monk
Affliction Lock
Fury Warrior


We're looking for 2-3 days Monday - Thursday & Sundays 9PM to 12AM. (Sunday times can be a little different) All three have experience up to Amber Shaper, and we're looking for something equal to, or better than that for progression.

Recent logs:

PST/mail to Akute or Narual ------- Or just respond to this post
It's so cold without a home!! Help us!!!
Best of luck with your hunt. =)
Come to Arthas....
^ Wat?
Hey you three!

Discarded Virtues is a heroic 10man progression guild. We have just transferred to Arthas from our previous guild Right on Red (Maelstrom). We are looking for a couple of recruits for our core raid. Our progression is 5/6H- MSV, 2/6H HoF, 4/4 ToES. Raid times are Tue/Thur/Mon- 8-12 server.

We are in need of heals and dps! I'm not sure from your post if you guys are interested in heroic progression at all. The lock and monk I was able to look at their gear, but the warrior was logged out in pvp gear. I'm assuming it is around the same ilvl as the other two. I realize you guys don't have experience in heroics but that is something that can easily be learned.

We are looking for serious raiders that come on time and well prepared for every fight. Right now we are in the process of rebuilding for our core and hoping to have it ready by 5.2. If you guys are interested in heroic progression, let me know here or you can contact Buthayna, Beatriix, or Resinn in game.
Thank you for your time and your reply, sadly 8 is too early, as most of the time we don't get home from work/class until 8:30 - 9

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