I feel like I am doing too little DPS

Death Knight
On a raid target dummy I level out at 65k. During raids I can often hit higher, but I am never sure if that is the AOE or buffs or whatever.

I am like .01% under exp and hit or something like that, and I got my rotation down pat. Killing machine obliterates, rime procs, then obliterates normal, then frost strike.

I'm sure to keep my diereses up, and use my cool downs every minute when they are up.

Is something really off about my reforge and what not? haste > crit > mastery for me right? (obviously outside of str and hit and exp).
Try using http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/clc-dk as an addon.
Your dps depends alot on making sure your spending runes, applying diseases properly, and using obliterate at the right time. Your reforge and gems are fine.
thank you very much :)
With your gear, 65k on a dummy is fine
Your haste is a little low it might be worth gemming haste over strength. It is also not recommended for sitting on a KM proc for a long time while waiting for your runes to regenerate if you have the RP to Frost Strike. I would also recommend some type of Rune add-on if you do not already have one. I personally use DDR - DocDebugRunes (though other rune add-ons are also fine just up to personal preference), you could also use CLC-DK like Unholydoom suggested.
Dummy testing as a measure of your potential DPS isn't really a good metric. Could you upload a Garaj'al parse where you don't take a totem? He's an excellent practical DPS dummy.

I ran a sim on you (note: full raid buffs, 300 strength food, flask) anyway.


At this point I'd suggest haste gemming too, as it'd likely swing the stat weight into haste's favor. The difference won't be great for you though, and your rotation will become hectic during Darkmist Vortex procs, potentially.

One final note: the enchants you're missing are a good chunk of DPS (especially the leg enchants) and there's not really a lot of excuse for not using them.

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