stuck at 464 item level suggestions?

My current gear score is 464 and i just can seem to get it to 470 so i can LFR on the end game. anyone have anny suggestions. It will still take a while to get rep so i can purchase from the factions for better gear. Just wanna jump into the LFR on 470 item level any suggestions?
I suggest more heroics and upgrading your current pieces of gear with justice, also get the Ghost iron Dragonling as a 450 trinket to replace your lower trinket. Also run sha every week for a chance to get more gear, might have to start questing and get your rep up as thats how you get the rep valor gear. Goodluck
476 crafted chest and gloves will help if you can afford them.
The following are holding your item level back:

1. Your green trinket (this one will bring it up a bunch)

2. Shoulder, chest, weapon (this will nudge it up)

3. The 358 ring

Overall you should keep up with golden lotus and klaxxi dailies since they give a free epic ring and neck at exalted via quest.
Ok so what about now upgraded my shoulders trinket and ring still only at 466 just can't seem to get 470.
You need more gear from the 460 LFR, or you have to get more gear from 5-mans.
The 470 item level is a big hurdle, keep plugging away at MSV lfr, find a crafted piece or world drop epic, get a dark moon trinket, or see if you can get into a regular MSV run.

Good luck and have fun

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