<Clique> 10m 10/14 H SoO LF DPS&Heals

<Clique> lvl 25, 10m 10/14 H SoO is recruiting the following classes for core spots:

Healer (prefer Resto Sham, Druid)
Elemental Shaman

Previous Tier:
11/13 H ToT

Min ilvl 565 and Legendary Cloak is required. Really looking for Parsing DPS. We have a team of very talented players and looking to add to that. http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/231485/rankings/players/

Raid Times:

Mon/Tues/Thurs 7-10pm Central, invites @ 15 mins prior.

We expect our members to come prepared, be on time for invites, and always perform to the best of their ability. Knowledge of encounters is a must and all raiders are required to research new encounters. Pots, food, flasks, repairs are provided to raiders. Loot is distributed through loot council. We use Mumble and a working mic is required to raid.

*Bonus* All raiders involved in new boss kills are eligible to roll for GOLD.
Those interested in joining should apply at clique-malganis.enjin.com or contact Lilymoon#1453 or Vexest#1869.
wtb Spirit Shell!
or mana tide!
Still on the hunt for a healer...
02/06/2013 05:21 PMPosted by Morrdurrza
wtb Spirit Shell!

No you don't, disc is getting nerfed...
bump...still looking
Have a 475 Resto Shaman that would love to trial with you!
Looking for a tank for an immediate core spot!
Tank spot filled :)
Recruitment Re-Opened, updated current needs.
Immediate spot for a ranged dps :)
Recruitment needs updated. Looking for Warlock, possibly Boomkin, Mage or Spriest if parsing.
Immediate core spot available for a Warlock <3
bump - Get into raid on Tuesday!
Still recruiting
Recruiting a tank for immediate core spot!
Recruiting someone that likes cloth gear so it doesn't get sharded! AKA WARLOCK!!!
^would be nice

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