504 resto/ele shaman 14/16H lf new guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Currently at 14/16HM experience as a 504 rshaman with a 499 ele offspec. Would preferably like a late night raiding guild. I am always reliable when it comes to showing up for raid each day, and will play to the best of my abilities. Have little over a year of raiding xp. Hit me up if interested. I am currently on a US server and am seeing if anything is available on oceanic times since the times work for me. I am on PST

Battletag- Tweezle#1885
<Blue Label> of Barthilas is a Horde, 25man Oceanic raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade. We are focused on progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids while having fun doing so.

We are currently recruiting for all classes with the exception of Boomkins/SPriest/Rogues/Warriors/Warlocks.

Classes in high demand: Fire Mage/Frost DK/Hunter/Enh or Ele Shaman.

Our current progression are, as of 05/02/13:

6/6(H) MSV
5/6(H) HoF
1/4(H) ToES

Our raid times are:

Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 730-11pm ST (GMT+10). Invites start at 720pm ST.

If you are interested in joining Blue Label, don't hesitate to apply at blue-label.org

Experience in current content for heroic is a plus but not essential as we believe a decent raider can pick it up swiftly.

If you have any other questions, you can add me on Battletag (Naixia#1121) or pst Hanul in-game.

come be the best
Yo, you'd work with what I'm building... I just posted a thread about 2 nites a week raiding, if that'd interest you... However it will be a step back in progression for a little while.

Carpe Diem is a guild made up of like minded people aiming to be a strong progression guild on Nagrand, while understanding that Real Life comes before World Of Warcraft.

Most of our players have been in top three raiding guilds throughout BC and WoTLK and have now taken a more casual approach to the game but still take raiding and progression seriously.

Many of us have been playing together for a number of years and we have a strong foucs on having a fun and enjoyable experience within the guild and guild chat.

We have moved into 25man content after achieving 12/12 T11 content and not being satisfied to follow the multitude of guilds just being content with 10man content.


Wednesday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time)
Sunday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time)
Monday: 8:00 – 11:30 (8:30 – 12:00 during Daylight Saving Time)


Stone Guard - (10/25) + Heroic - (10/25)
Feng – (10/25) + Heroic - (10/25)
Spiritbinder – (10/25) + Heroic - (10/25)
Spirit Kings – (10/25) + Heroic - (10)
Elegon – (10/25) + Heroic - (10/25)
Will The Emporer – (10/25)

Imperial Vizier Zor'Lok - (10/25)
Blade Lord Ta'Yak - (10/25) + Heroic (10/25)
Garalon - (10/25) + Heroic (25)
Wind Lord Mer'Jarak - (10/25) + Heroic (25)
Amber-Shaper Un'Sok - (10/25)
Grand Empress Shek'Zeer - (10/25)

Protectors Of The Endless - (10 Elite/25 Elite)
Tsulong - (10/25)
Lei Shi - (10/25)
Sha Of Fear - (10/25)


Carpe Diem will always consider any exceptional application regardless if we are actively recruiting that class or spec at the current time. However we are currently recruiting the following:


High Quality HEALS
Mistweaver Monk
Resto Druid

High Quality DPS
Enhancement Shaman
Fury/Arms Warrior
Combat Rogue
Elemental Shaman (Resto Offspec)


WoL required with class competitive HPS / DPS

16/16N clear

3/16H or more (unless good reasons to no heroic progresion)


All applications will be considered so regardless if we are CLOSED or RECRUITING please if you’re interested please read the guild rules, example application and then apply on our forums.


Complete an application form on our website (require WoL link) – www.carpe-diem.cc or contact Shaqsback, Holls, Issachaar, Redracoon or Crazyfists in game on Nagrand for more information.

Shaqsback - BattleTag - Dobey#6683
are you looking for similar progression or happy to go with less?
Atlanta is currently 10/16 norm only and pushing to get to 16.16 beofre 5.2 we did start late. We rock fri sun 8 to 11 aest on dath remar keen to talk

This is an odd find, I actually saw you in a raid vid on youtube recently, H protectors I think, someone had you macro'd in /y.

I'm looking for an exceptional healer OR ele shaman, either suits, for my 2x weekly 10man raid team. We raid Fri/Sat 5:15 - 10 PST, and are 9/16H currently. On the initiative of management, we are upgrading the team and replacing weaker members - thus we have spots opening up in the heal and RDPS sections. Preference probably slightly in favor of RDPS, but the situation is flexible and you'd likely have your pick assuming you evidenced high skill in whichever role you chose.

I'm digressing a bit, here is our info if you'd like to know more.

Website: www.avatar-suramar.com
Recruit thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7894109413
Battle Tags: Theologan#1622, Auracle#1780

Hope to hear from you,
Kind Regards,
Tiros, Adjudicator of Avatar
Suramar Alliance
Very interested in you for our resto/ele openning. I see one of my officers already posted. I've battletaged you. Pls find us for a chat.

Regular Spam:

Avatar is a 10-player Alliance guild founded in BC to provide serious-minded raiding on a casual schedule. Three expansions later, our focus remains on providing heroic-level end game progression raiding to adults with professional, educational, and relational commitments that make raiding 3+ nights unrealistic, or undesirable.

Raid Schedule
Friday and Saturday nights, 5:15 - 10:00PM Pacific Time (Server time for Suramar)

Suitable Applicants
Consistent with the above description, only adults who truly want to raid on a 2-night a week schedule, expect to have our raid times match for a long time, and want to raid at a serious (Heroic) capacity should consider appling. This is an older guild much high-demands, both raid-wise and personally, and has a strong culture of commitment and self-directedness.

Our Expectations for you

Dedication: We expect our members to be solely committed to our guild and raid agenda. That implied proper preparation for encounters, being on-time, and long-term plans to remain with our raid team.

Self-MotivationWe expect that you push yourself in the game, rigorously and passionately. We are not going to hold your hand. Your self-directedness will determine the player you become.

PersonabilityAs working aged adults, we elect to give 8 hours of our lives, weekly, on Fri/Sat night to enjoy the game and the company of those who we play with. It is crucial that you are socially apt.

CURRENT OPENINGS: We are currently seeking to replace several positions on the team. Since several of our members are willing to swap mains to accommodate new talent, our current options are as follows:

a) Tanking position for Brewmaster, DK, Guardian druid
b) Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin
c) Feral Druid
d) Warlock/Spriest/Boomkin/Mage/Ele Shaman

How to Apply

If the above sounds like what you are interested in, please file an application at the guild website. We encourage you to take the time to read over our founding principles/guild policies before you do so. Website: http://www.avatar-suramar.com/

Contact Information
Please feel free to contact us on server, or via battletag for further discussion. You may also post questions to this thread if you have any.

Website: http://www.avatar-suramar.com/
BattleTag: Theologan#1622
Email: avatarsuramar@hotmail.com

Best wishes,
Oscifferon, Guild Leader
Hi Heazle,

Crimson on Caelestrasz is looking for exceptional healers to add to our roster.

We're a 25m raiding guild, we raid 3 nights a week and are currently 13/16H


Any questions my battle tag is; Yuna#6536
hey heazle add me to btag Sneaxx#6120 would like to have a chat
ucid Dream were a guild that were a little late to the party but have put a group together and quickly progressed through normal. We were then met with issues with attendance and progression did not go much further. We have culled the weak and are now in need of two skilled, VOCAL, keen, players of a warrior tank and priest/shammy healer both with os dps sets. We intend to spend the weeks before 5.2 picking up normal gear for any one who is a little behind and then hitting 5.2 with fast progression through normal and heroic and coming out in the top 5 on our server.

Current Raid comp:
Tanks: Pally
Heals: Druid + Pally
DPS: Frost DK + Afflic Warlock + Feral DPS + Surv Hunter

Raid times: thurs/sunday 7pm - midnight server time.
Recruiting: Warrior Tank OS Fury + Disc Priest OS Shadow or Resto shaman OS Enhance/Ele
Requirements: 485+ item level. Knowledge of your class and spec. Receive elder charms each week and valor cap. Mic and vent. TALK ON VENT.
Vita Obscura.

We are a 25 man raiding guild comprised of experienced raiders who have reduced their raiding time to small blocks of quality, focused play. The strength of the guild comes from the fact that the raiders are mature, flexible and highly committed. Although the amount of time a raider commits to raiding is low, the level of commitment is very high.

Raid times are:

Raid Nights - 9 Hours a week (Invites go out at 7:30)
Wednesday - 8pm - 11pm
Thursday - 8pm - 11pm
Sunday - 8pm - 11pm

Forum post.

Guild website if you want to have a look.

If this seems to suite you feel free to contact an officer in game or place an app on the above site.

Battle tag: Acidburnx#1498
Battle tag: Mooke#6944

Just wanted to know if you are still looking for a guild?

We are a late night raiding guild on blackrock.

We raid from 10pm pst - 2am pst.

Our resto shaman disappeared on us durIng raid this week and didint log back.

Have an immediate opening for a core healer if still interested you contact me on:


Note :

Our previous progression was 14/16 in tier 14
Hi, Hi,
We are currently in replacement mode for some unreliable / unskilled players in our core group and you look like you could be a good fit for what we need.

Please check out the below info or feel free to add me in game to chat: Sanctuary#6416 AKA Travis


Endless Reborn on Frostmourne is currently trying to fill the last DPS slot in our core 10 man line up and we are also looking for possible replacements for two of our healers.
(We are currently running 1x very unreliable, unskilled DPS who we need replaced yesterday and we are also looking to replace 2x of our healers who are proving to be losing interest in the game and their reliability is also becoming an issue).

We have a tight nit group of 7-8 players who have been raiding since vanilla (most of us for the last three expansions together); we just need to fill our last few positions with reliable, skilled, GOOD players.


• Enhancement Shaman
• WW Monk
• Rouge
• Fury/Arms warrior
• Ret Pally


• Resto Druid
• Holy Pally
• Resto Shammy
• MW Monk

As we have recently been burnt by BAD players we are being EXTREAMLY picky with who we are even considering for a trial, so if you don’t like to be asked quite a few screening question and put in an application then we are probably not for you.

We are looking for older 20’s +, mature, focused, punctual, RELIABLE, raid aware, past raid experience, long term raiders who will communicate on mumble and contribute to the guild.

Let me reiterate that for those of you who skim read; we want RELIABLE, punctual, skilled GOOD players who put there WoW raid time first and will smash 5.2 with us and have some fun while doing it. Chilling on mumble with us is a must otherwise we will troll you :D

*Random Endless Reborn Fact* the bulk of the Core of Endless Reborn are in their mid to late 20’s and were based on the Central Coast of NSW Australia GMT 10+ (currently in day light savings). We are a chilled bunch and can be somewhat overwhelming on mumble at times and we relish the opportunity to shoot the !@#$ with you outside of raid nights.

If you’re interested jump on endlessreborn.info and put in an application, remembering the effort you put into your application reflects on the kind of player you are and if we will consider you.


About us:

Endless Reborn is semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild based on the Oceanic realm Frostmourne.

Endless was created on the 9/1/2007 on the Oceanic realm Jubei’thos and was one of the oldest Alliance raiding guilds on sever before transferring (and name changing) to Frostmourne on the 1/1/2013.

Whilst we only raid as a 10 man group we expect the reliability and professionalism of a hardcore 25 man raider. (If you want to raid with us see more about what is expected of a raider on our raid expectations tab).

We currently raid (Raids may be reduced to 1-2 nights per week only when content is on farm):

Wednesday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Thursday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Monday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Raids may run longer on progression nights (until 11:30 ST for example).


Raid Expectations:

We are looking for mature players that understand the basic point of the game, both simple and complex raid mechanics, and understand that while acquiring gear is an excellent short term personal goal, the most important goal is seeing success through end game content together, as a guild.

Anyone with any sort of past experience understands that most gear comes easy in raiding guilds… and in a month or two needs to be replaced, so don’t make your time in this game strictly about gear. Whether you PVE or PVP, the point of this is to have fun and to find people you enjoy doing it with.

I look forward to talking to you soon :)

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