Mage or Rogue PVP?

Which is better for 1v1?

Which does more dmg in a pvp environment?

Which is more fun?
fun is a relevant and personal term, play the one you enjoy playing. Try them both out, see which one fits your personal style. I chose mage, as my main alt (still learning how to play it), but thats just me.
Rogue if you want to easily escape/reset a fight.

Mage if your prefer to be a slippery cannon.
I have both. Rogue has always been my main. In most cases I am starting to realize that mage produces the most memorable moments with clevel trixter mechanics including alter time, slow fall, pom alter time, spell steal, invis, it can get intense once you are in that intense focus zone that I can sometimes get into. I do bg's btw and i only ever did arena to cap, but Im not bad.

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