Death Knight
Hey there

This is a serious question, not crying, its a question lol

I hear alot of people going oh 'death knights worse class in the world so underpowered' even though they completely wreck me in bgs, all I really know about them is obvious silences, 100k obliterates, ams, grip and other stuff so really don't that know much. I'm not sure if you're just talking melee perspective or what, but they seem pretty nice and I really wanna know about bow OP/UP they are considering I want to kinda make one, yet in my eyes of a caster they seem just wrecking anything in sight, since so much counters on them
Short and sweet of it, we're glass cannons.
We hit like Mack trucks, but are as fragile as wine bottle.
Just dueled one who couldnt really keep distance, holy wha. Yeah they go down ridiculously fast haha
Yea its a fun class to play we just need some tweaking here and there.
If you let them, a DK will smash you into oblivion. But it's not hard not to let them.

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