<Advent Immortal> Wants you!!

Advent Immortal is a level 25 guild accepting any level or class. We will help you with leveling, collecting gear, or progressing through raid content.

We lost members to college and are currently rebuilding our raid teams. In cata we had 2 full 10 man teams and cleared all normal content.

We are not only looking for raiders..We are taking all levels and alts.

We mainly like to have fun in game and are a laid back raiding/social guild.

We have several helpful members always willing to give a hand.

Want to learn more or have questions feel free to pst myself or any of our members online.

Can also check out out website www.advent-immortal.enjin.com and appky there as well.

Thanks for your time,
What's the hold up people?!
Thanks for joining Anthies
You're welcome!

I'll tell you people what sets Advent Immortal apart from most other guilds. If you get an achievement, ding, or any other accomplishment worthy of praise, our members actually say "Congratulations!" We don't give out any offhanded, lazy sounding "gratz!" in AI, you get the full word, because we care.

It's the little things in life, sign up today!
It's been 2 days...Bump.
Still looking for more active members...Into leveling, trying to gear, wanna start raiding we can help. We even have members that like to pvp.

We are your one stop guild shop :P
We've also got you covered on Transmog gear runs too!
Still recruiting active members.
Had a really fun time last night running some old school raids.
One of these days Ony will drop my sword! I WILL HAVE IT!

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