It's early but... why not! Can't mention that you know what stuff or you know what may happen.

Well cleared out H HoF and half of MSV in 1 night... YAY FARM PROGRESS!

Well damn forgot to mog my legs >=(! Must remember until after this heroic...
Huzzah, got dem gears tonight ^__^
Happy Birthday clutch. Enjoy the 30 days of advance at http://ragecapped.enjin.com
We really need to get a clear response as to why the @days keep getting deleted or locked.
This is ridiculous.

We must not mention those words! It gets you an auto R word.

Tell dabigman

You're bad - Rani
Rani go transmog your legs.
No gear tonight, Amber Shaper and Empress don't like to drop things that are actually useful to our raid group. :/
Yay, empress dead.

36% on first night of attempts on Empress. Should be able to get her down once we get into phase 2 with a stable raid.
So I haven't been able to raid in 2 days because my ISP throttles the bandwidth during peak house to where I cant do nothing. I can't even do my school homework because the speeds drop to 0.03 MD down or it times out to do a speed test.
Got my gold challenge modes done. Wish I could've done them earlier but my friends didn't feel like doing them till last weekend.
Success! I got to keep the name.

Is there any way to leave feedback for a ticket? I couldn't find one and I'd like to leave good feedback since I know GMs probably just deal with petulant children whinging at them all day.
Made the decision to actually look for a new guild tonight after last nights raid. Too much instability and switching in and out of players in our group based on attendance. Sigh, its not going to be fun looking for someone recruiting a fury/prot warrior that has higher progression than the guild im in. Haven't really seen anyone looking.
Apparently my AC is just going to be busted for awhile. It works, but they have to refill the freon or something since there's a leak but they can't fix it without tearing up the ceiling of the unit beneath us. Fun.

Oh well.
At least it's February. My AC was broken last summer for almost a month. Florida in summer without central air is unbelievable. I don't know how people did it before the glory that is central air.

edit: Where do you live? Hopefully the heat still works. I dunno how cold it is where you are but it's getting into the 30s here at night.
I'm baaaaaacccckkkk.

Blizzard made me get a frontal lobotomy before they'd allow me to post again. My nose itches.
It's too cold outside. Seriously below 40 when I got up. My brother complained his car had ice on it that he had to scrape off.

And yet it's apparently going to be 70 again by tomorrow.

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