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Moon Guard
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Posters are placed upon walls, in places where men and women of the Alliance might gather. The parchment is tan and has neat black hand-written writing below. Underneath the message there is a seal. The orange wax seal bears the mark of a hawk - the symbol of Alterac.

Men and women of the Alliance, hear the call of the fallen! Heed the call of a fallen nation, and hear the call of its rebirth! The former King of Alterac has betrayed the Alliance and his people, in return the Alliance destroyed Alterac. The time for it's rebirth has come. From the ashes of it's betrayal and defeat, a new, stronger Nation will arise! The Dominion of Alterac is rebuilding and seeking to renew the Alliance's trust in our people once more. From the misguided notion of our former King, families were dishonored and ripped apart. We now call on those who remember and those who wish to redeem themselves! We call on the once proud members of Alterac to return, to take up sword and shield. We call out to the former Nobles to return and give your aid to reclaiming your former land and pride! We as a nation may have fallen, BUT WE WILL NEVER DIE!

The Dominion of Alterac:

The Dominion of Alterac is a military organization created shortly after the Second War with the sole purpose of reclaiming the Kingdom of Alterac from the syndicate, the Crushridge Ogres and the forsaken. The organization seeks to work with the other broken Kingdoms of the North to rebuild what has been lost and in so doing, secure its place within the Grand Alliance.

The Court of Lords:

Founded by Anton Caerwyn in the aftermath of Alterac's destruction, the Court of Lords was a council of Alterac Nobles who remained loyal to the Alliance throughout Lord Perenolde's betrayal. Following the destruction of Alterac, their goal was not only the reconstruction of a broken Kingdom, but to restore Alterac to honour and bring about the redemption of their people. Shortly after the formation of the Dominion of Alterac by Hendrek Westfield, the Court was integrated into the Dominion as it's new political body.

Our mission statement:

The Dominion of Alterac is currently seeking citizens of Alterac and the Alliance to join them in their fight up North. The Dominion is marching North because their home has been lost to the Syndicate and Ogres who scourge and destroy the land. The Dominion intends to ally with the Stormpike Dwarfs and set up a command post within Alterac. With the foothold in Alterac we will then be able to start planning for the siege of our homeland. Eventually after taking back the country, the Dominion is going to immigrate former and new citizens to Alterac, hoping to rebuild the fallen nation.
Member Expectations:

We expect our members to adhere to all the following base guidelines:
1: No Drama. The Dominion of Alterac is a group of mature roleplayers and we will not put up with childish drama. We cannot stress this enough. Keep your drama to yourself or you will not last long here. If you have an issue with a member, you are expected to act like an adult and speak with them to resolve the issue in private, and if that doesn't work, speak to an officer about the matter.

2: Be Mature. Treat your guildmates and fellow role players as you wish to be treated. We don't care who you are or how many friends you have in this guild. Snide comments, disrespectful and/or pointless insults will not be tolerated. Period. A constantly disrespectful attitude toward your guildmates and officers will result in you being removed from the guild.

3: IC actions have IC consequences. Deal with it like an adult, or you won't be with us long. Everything your characters do has a consequence somewhere down the line and we expect you to handle said consequences IC, without animosity toward your fellow role players. We also expect our members to keep their IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) feelings apart, as what happens in Role Play should not effect how we treat others outside of it.

4.Typing and English. It is expected that both IC and OOC members of the guild use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. It is recommended that members download the Misspelled addon if they are not confident in their spelling.


---Privy Council
-------------Auxiliary (OOC)

Guild Contacts:

Hendrek - Guild Leader
Edrane - Officer
Balmius - Officer
Waylén - Officer
Reynalden - Officer

Other Information:

Guild Website: http://dominionofalterac.shivtr.com *Note: An IC interview is required!*

Those interested in joining the guild are encouraged to visit the website and fill out an application. Below are a few requirements that must be met before being invited to the Dominion.

Level Requirement:
Level 20 required. Death knights are a level 65 requirement.
Given the current state of Alterac, the Dominion has opened up to allow other races into the ranks such as Human, Dwarfs, Worgen, and Gnomes (Case by case). The Guild's roots will always be in Alterac, but as the times change so do the requirements, as of such all classes from the select races from above are welcome.
Howdy, neighbour. You best not go neglecting Sir Saidelm for this, or I'll have to sue.
I do not believe that will be an issue.
These guys are good guys.
Nice to see another Alterac-themed guild on the realm. There's only one other I think, unless it disbanded?

In the meantime...

I've got my eye on you.
Greetings from Trollbane country!
May the flag of Alterac fly proud once more.
02/01/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Sanaomina
Greetings from Trollbane country!

Well hallo der!
Glory to Alterac!!! May the once glorious kindgomd rise again!!
-Evening Bumps-
The cypher is complete.
Heeey. Awesome I like this, more Alterac peoples.
Alterac will raise from the ashes of shame and stand proud and strong once more!
Alterac Scum! U have Aiden Perenolde written all over ur faces!
02/02/2013 02:21 AMPosted by Bomgnus
Alterac Scum! U have Aiden Perenolde written all over ur faces!

Hello Hagden.
Mornin' Bumps!
Hurray for snowy RPers! <3
Hurray for snowy RPers! <3

Meow.. >.>
02/02/2013 08:42 AMPosted by Hendrek
Meow.. >.>


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