I'm getting tired of my warlock, I can't find it in me to lvl it past 82. Ik gear plays a big role, but I hate 2 of the warlock specs which leaves me with only 1. (demo) I have a druid which is my fav class atm (fearl) but I lvl along side my wife and her hpally which is rather fun. But when I'm alone I want another class to play, via war/ret/ww I've never played either of the 3. Any suggestions? Those are the only 3 classes I'd like to try, things like frost mage and hunter don't interest me.
I've never played a Pally or Monk. But I'll tell you one thing about Warrior that got me really into them. They are the GOGOGO class. I've played classes like Shaman, Mage, Priest, and Rogue extensively, and they tend to favor a measured approach to the game. You want to give yourself time for Mana to regen, or in the case of a Rogue you sneak up to something from stealth and take it out.

With a Warrior though, you're zipping all over the place. You Charge into combat like a bullet and get in the middle of everything, smashing stuff up. Your resource, Rage, isn't something that you have to save up or wait to regenerate. You make it increase as you fight, and as long as you're in combat, you keep it up. Unlike other classes, when combat ends, your resource goes away instead of regenerating. So you're encouraged to keep going. No downtime, just move on right away to the next enemy or group. It's an exhilarating experience and if you've never played one, try it. Just keep in mind that playing a Warrior is a bit rough until you get into the 30s because a lot of your really good abilities just aren't there yet. But it gets really good later on.
Warriors are fun get in your face classes, we are also extremely gear dependent. You will often be at the bottom of dps meters until you get gear.

As for tanking I'll use your DK as an example

DK tanks are more like, "You can hit me, but I'll just heal myself back up"
Warrior tanks are more like, "You can hit me, but it won't hurt"
Wind Walker Monks are super fun to level right now. Great self healing, fun combat and you get a 50% bonus to exp every day for an hour (plus every ten levels) and they stack up to two hours. They're also the most mobile class in the game right now. The two rolls, serpent kick and if you spec into celerity you really move between quest areas early on. Also having the option to heal is another plus.

Downsides? Not exactly an aesthetically pleasing class. You rarely ever use your weapons so they just look pretty on your back. Hit box seems small, I have a hard time attaching every now and then. You're also a bit squishy so unless you're in heirlooms you'll be sippin that iron brew.


Warrior is plate, we nasty, and the more we kill the more we heal ourselves (victory rush!). Charging is always stellar and improves your quality of play tremendously. Every time I play a melee class without a charge I feel awkward. Monks have a roll but you gotta aim that sucker.

We're kind of polar opposites of Monks. We're angry all the time, and when we get really mad (and glyphed) we catch on fire, get bigger (avatar) and swing our weapons wildly. Self control is not our strong suit, so Warrior is for the bearded, the folks who charge in first and usually die first. In PVP I know my roll is to heroic leap into a mess of horde challengers guarding a flag and starting punching in faces (hoping my comrades are right behind me for support). If things don't go well, i'm dead.

Monks can kinda pick and choose their fights and then take off like a bat out of hell at the first sign of trouble. Warriors just die.
02/01/2013 01:55 PMPosted by Rägnarök
Monks can kinda pick and choose their fights and then take off like a bat out of hell at the first sign of trouble. Warriors just die.

Die, or don't die. I don't know how many times I thought "Oh crap I'm going to die." But I carefully used my CDs, and just kept going, and somehow survived. But yeah, if we get in trouble we have practically no way to get away, I guess you can stun/hamstring then Heroic Leap away but you're probably not going to get very far. Don't be a Warrior if you're prone to panicking and fleeing.

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