Treachery Guild Recruitment

<Treachery> is a 10-man raiding guild looking to recruit a few players to round out our arsenal.

We are currently looking a strong melee DPS. One whom can play both a DPS and a tanking spec would be preferable, but definitely not required. We are also recruiting a healer with a DPS offspec as well. Class preference would be a shaman or a monk, but again, not set in stone. Lastly we are looking for a Frost DK. However, all classes may apply as we are always looking for great players.

Our guild will provide all raiding materials (flasks, pots, enchanting mats, etc etc), and we require Ventrillo during raids. We expect players to show up , pull their weight, give 100% and of course have some fun with us!

If you are interested in joining are guild apply at the following website
We are currently still looking for members.
But when do you raid?
Wee raid on saturadys nad sundays 9-1 server

we are still recruiting

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