Guild looking for a new home

My guildees and I are looking for a new server to call our home and Stormrage caught our eye. If anyone can give us some info on the economy, how many unguilded players there are, how well do the pugs do, and if you would recommend starting our guild on this server.
Thank you for any input that you have.
Just to give you all some more info, we'd start here with a good base of 5-6 players and just looking to fill some dps roles really or possibly a tank with some dependable players. We're just tired of losing people and having to rebuild. We have been together for like 6 years and raid more for the fun of raiding together than being a competitor for top on the server. A number of us have been that in many other guilds but it was never like the fun we had as a group and are looking to get back to that.
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't really be too keen on transferring here unless you're either already progressed or would be bringing your full core with you.

That this server is very advanced is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it's very easy to get quality players to fill spots. But at the same time, the fact that it's pretty common to see pugs do full clears of all the current raids means it's difficult to recruit regular raiders for non-heroic progression.

To give you an idea, one of my toons' guild was LF a tank and a healer for Garalon progression this past week, and was competing with three groups that were doing fast full clears.

If you guys would be interested in merging with a pre-existing guild here, I'm sure you'd find a number of good fits in guilds with similar mindsets. But to come here completely new and try to play catch-up at this point in the tier will be tough.

Other than that the server's great. AH prices are really low, but you're dedicated enough you'll move enough volume to make up for the smaller profit margins. It's not an AH like some servers, though, where you can post-it-and-forget-it. Have to do a lot of 12h auctions, cancel, repost, etc.
If you are good player or a good guild you can always find what you need on Stormrage. Bad players will do badly no matter the server. This is a super high population server with the advantage of having all the players on one side Alliance. I would not recommend any other server for alliance other than Stormrage.
^ very hard to start fresh unless its a new patch
thanks for the great info guys

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