[H]<ONE>25M.9/12N.2Raid Days.LF Ranged DPS!

Guild Recruitment
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Guild Name: <ONE>
Raid Size: 25
Realm: Firetree [PvP][H]
Server Timezone: EST
Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday 7pm-11pm [EST]
Guild Master: Metrolol
Officers: Junoah, Diabolical, Faldor, Infective, Rawriör, Dioxx.
Website: http://one-guild.guildlaunch.com

<ONE> (H) is currently recruiting all exceptional players interested in End Game PvE content in Mists of Pandaria!

We have recruited OMFGCata's very own Jesse Cox, and will be included in his youtube videos, as well as many other Youtubers including Hybridpanda and Syiler - owner of Acegamestv!

ABOUT US: <ONE> is a fun & focused PvE Progression Raid Group for adults who enjoy Raiding without the 4-6 day raiding schedule (we do it in 2 days). <ONE> is filled with exceptional active players and a fair performance driven approach to leadership. <ONE> has been a top guild on Firetree for a while and we plan on staying there.


[ 4.1]
7/13 Heroic.

7/7 Normal.
6/7 Heroic.

8/8 Normal
8/8 Heroic

4/6 H Mogu
2/6H Heart of Fear

4/4 Terrace (1/1 Elite)

11/12 Throne of Thunder



TANK (?): Any that are interested in dedicating to Monk Tanking!
HEALER (?): Any that are interested in dedicated to Monk Healing.
RANGED DPS (2+): Balance Druid / Warlock / Shadow Priest
MELEE DPS (?): Anyone interested in dedicating to Monk DPS

At this point, ALL who can fortify the raiding team are welcome to apply. Looking for any skilled and experienced player.*These needs are subject to change. Reserve roles are available for any class who wishes to join our progression team and work up the ranks.

Apply @ One-Guild.Guildlaunch.com

When you reach the website please look for the link on the left side bar. It will say "Click to Apply" This will give you the formatted application.
Need dps
Need dps
Need players
Looking for DPS
I gots me a new title.
Need dps
lf ____________
02/03/2013 01:23 AMPosted by Metrolol
lf ____________
Need long underscores.
Need more
arena sucked superbowl should be good
dem ravens pushing it hard
what a game
unlucker shadow priests
lolol kaepernick way too noob
02/03/2013 10:18 PMPosted by Metrolol
lolol kaepernick way too noob
Them Niners should have hid while the lights were out.
hey look a new recruitment thread!

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