[H]<ONE>25M.9/12N.2Raid Days.LF Ranged DPS!

Guild Recruitment
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02/06/2013 02:15 PMPosted by Metrolol
Are you guy still recruiting healers? Im a resto druid looking to transfer to eastern time server, and looking for a 25 man progression.

Feel free to apply. Always looking for exceptional players.
Don't have high need for healers, but ya never know what can happen come 5.2!

or how high my pings will go.. especially here lately... :-(
still needing DPS!
one day the roster will be filled and these recruitment threads will fall into nothingness.. don't miss your chance!
That day may be sooner than you think.
I'm a warlock I just got to level 80. I don't want to be hit by heroic strike for 19k GUUUUUUH MY WHOLE LIFE!!!1
Looking for 1 more strong DPS for 5.2
Maybe a Death Knight? They seem strong.
02/07/2013 02:43 PMPosted by Metrolol
Maybe a Death Knight? They seem strong.
Need players.
02/07/2013 02:43 PMPosted by Metrolol
Maybe a Death Knight? They seem strong.
Blabam big numbers! thunderclap is great especially when you aren't supposed to be in that stance you dumb motherf...STANCE DANCE AND INTERCEPT PWNS THE KIDS!
well you can't charge in combat...but it's not like the kid is going to get away just intercept him and...well you can't charge in combat so he...so the kid got away BUT YOU'RE FURY WHO GIVES A !@#$
Looking for 1 more badass dps.
lol literally the second I try to queue for LFR, they take it down. Hope they are fixing the trash and !@#$ so we can actually kill %^-*.
mid range ker-thunk work time
Need players
well there's 8 feet of snow covering my back sliding door

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