Storm 10man looking for disc priest and tank


We are a lv 25 guild of mature people, looking to fill a few spots that have opened up due to members leaving the game.

We currently need healers and tanks, and are prioritizing pally tanks and disc healer. But we will take anyone who can play their class well and would be a asset to the team. Right now we are not looking for dps but we will still take very skilled interested players.

Speak with me in game zen#1446
bump ....
saurfang was my first raid exp
Bump. If Zenchi isn't online, send a whisper to Aegrus, Dbdirkish, Sñow (alt 164), or myself.

We raid 8PM-11PM server time on Fri/Sat, and are currently recruiting for an alt group for 2PM-4PM server time on Sat/Sun. Our main raid is currently 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF, 1/4 ToES, alt group is aiming to start raiding this weekend.

If anyone would prefer to post an application, our website is located here:

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