DK's can spam chains of ice....

Death Knight
I know right? your class has never been bad but just saying. try playing mm now and see how well it is
You're comparing two individual abilities and not taking time to consider what else those two classes can perform. Every class has weaknesses but also strengths to even it up.

If every class's weaknesses and strengths matched up, how would each class have a unique playstyle? Stop complaining and enjoy your class for what it is.
Druids actually do have a spamable slow and a stun with no CD (just need 5 combo points). And If you still have a problem with chains of ice, quickly shape-shift and you're happily on your way running around at 30-55% increased run speed depending what form you want to go into. Happy day.
Wow, okay. Let's do this. I'd chalk this up to "trolling" but this thing that people do where they say something asinine and then pop back up and go "HAH! Trolled you!" is honestly embarrassing. I don't care if you're being intentionally wrong, you're still wrong.

One of the least helpful things any one on this forum can do is compare individual tools across very different classes. We've all got our own distinct toolboxes and just because some abilities are similar doesn't mean they're equal.

It's laughable that a druid, of all things, would be jealous of a DK's tools but if you insist we can compare. I'll make the assumption that you're feral - feel free to correct me, but the answers will hold up regardless I imagine.

Resource Cost

Even glyphed, chains of ice is not an effective source of damage. Chains of ice costs one frost (or death rune). Four suitable runes are available if runes are fully charged.

Assuming CoI is being used to close a gap so the DK can get within melee range (you can use CoI to peel, of course but that's an arena thing and if you're in an arena against a DK just tunnel him into the ground) then rune regeneration is going to be greatly impacted because the DK cannot get off frost strikes until they get into melee.

"Spamming" CoI, as such, will quickly run a DK out of usable runes. At this point they will neither be able to spam CoI effectively, nor deal meaningful damage once they reach their target.

A druid on the other hand will expend mana to hardcast their root, or nature's swiftness or predatory swiftness. Mana is negligible. The procs make it free, but there is some opportunity cost. Predatory swiftness can only be used on utility abilities, there is no damage cost.

Run Speed

To have a chains of ice root DKs need to give up a talent. The alternatives are:

Death's Advance:
You passively move 10% faster, and movement-impairing effects may not reduce you below 70% of normal movement speed.

Lifts an enemy target off the ground and crushes their throat with dark energy, stunning them for 5 sec. Functions as a silence if the target is immune to stuns.

What you should be reading out of this is that the least mobile, most easily focused class in the game must give up mobility or a CC in order to even do what is described in the OP.

A lot of people take Chillblains anyway - but it is on a very attractive tier for PvP.

Now, assuming we've taken Chillblains, a frost DK's mobility is absolutely horrid. An unholy DK's is slightly better - still not good.

Druids are slippery. And feral's are fast. Slows are comparable between the classes. The need for a root just isn't comparable.

Other Considerations

I'm running out of steam here - but a druid's talent tree is just...fantastic. Big utility, powerful CC options and a great mix of offensive / defensive options.

Cyclone is still going to be useful, even after the nerf. Stealth is powerful, even if yours isn't as good as a rogues.

A DK is much more limited in their CC options. Frost has access to two stuns, one of them removes our ability to root. The other has a long ramp up time that is easily dodged by anyone with a pulse.

I haven't covered but a fraction of the differences between the classes that factor into why we need a "spammable" root and you don't, but I think I've covered enough to make my point and would gladly continue the discussion if you're genuinely interested.



You are the solution
02/02/2013 05:31 PMPosted by Metadots
Seriously. I hate these kind of posts. Why don't DK's get blink why can't DKs get cyclone? Just because one class can do it doesn't mean another should! It's not the ability it's the entire aspect of the class and the way the class functions. You have certain skills for different classes because that class uses them well in their style of play Stop getting mad and blaming skills because you lost to somebody better then you.

I do get blink and cyclone

sometimes atleast...
Yes your right, we can hit CoI 4 times out of a completly full rune bar... and when we get up to swing range to said target... we can hit em with a few frost strikes maybe? our snare directly effects our DPS. Uptime is king, but isnt that important if you already blew your load trying to get in melee range anyway?

And why bring druids into this conversation? They shape shift out of ALL of our slows, and what not. The only way a druid is getting snared bhy a DK is either he is asleep at the wheel, or if we have talented CoI, and use unholy blight to reapply FF for the snare.. So yah your right, 10 seconds out of 90, frost DKs are nuthin to F with.
02/02/2013 09:30 AMPosted by Zalec
Why can druids spam shapeshift? And get out of all slows?
I'm gunna give OP the benefit of the doubt and assume he is trolling, and not rocking half a brain
Cyclone, mobility and heals

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