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What mouse would you get? I'm looking to upgrade from my standard, Logitech (Wireless) mouse. At the moment, I'm looking at the following:

a) Logitech G700
b) Logitech M510

Normally, I would say to purchase the Logitech G700, but the Feedback seems to be very negative (Hit or Miss). On the other hand, the Feedback for the M510 seems to be fairly positive. Any advice or suggestions?

Currently, I'm using the Logitech M310, and I just feel that it's time for an upgrade.

P.S. What advice would you give on Logitech Speakers?
^ I'm still looking for some advice...?
If it's just for general, everyday use, the 510. You can find it as cheap as $15-20 at Best Buy or Staples.

If you're using it for gaming, there are better options.

Speakers are personal preference, I have a 2.1 channel Logitech system that cost $20 and I think sounds great - but I'm not a big audiophile.
Logitech makes great mice and keyboards. I do not like their speakers though. I will not use any set of speakers that are small things with a separate subwoofer.

They say your ears are not supposed to be able to hear the direction the bass comes from, and thus it "sounds" like it's coming from the small speakers. Well, guess what. Mine can. The small speakers sound tinny and fake. The subwoofer just makes loud noise from the wrong direction. There is almost NO stereo separation with those things, everything sounds like it comes from the center. There is also no midrange. They are the sound equivalent of a steaming pile of smelly poo. Then again, my ears are so sensitive that I have not yet found any headphones costing less than $100 that I can stand to listen to. One of my coworkers got me from across the building with a phone app that makes noises at 18 KHz, noone but me could hear it.

Hideously awful speaker design. I will only use systems that have full range speakers for every channel. Subwoofers in addition to that are acceptable, but there has to be a separate subwoofer for every channel or I won't go near it. The best speakers have 4 drivers in each speaker (high, midrange, bass, and sub), but those tend to be expensive.

I tried out a $100 set of Logitech speakers. The $30 set of Altec Lansing full range 2.0 speakers (no subwoofer) that I bought 5 years ago sound easily 10x better. Those $30 Altec Lansing speakers are going to last me until I replace my blown Pioneer receiver, and can go back to using my good 300w speakers with the computer. I originally got the more expensive Logitech ones because my cat ate the cords of the Altec Lansings. When I found that the $100 speakers sounded MUCH MUCH worse, I spent 3 hours with a hot glue gun, electrical tape, and a soldering iron fixing them.

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