Criticism's 25m ToES GDKP Run! (02-09-13End)

Area 52
Greetings Area 52 Horde!
<Criticism> will be hosting the next 25 man Terrace of Endless Spring GDKP run!

What is GDKP?
- GDKP stands for "Gold-DKP". It can also be known by similar names such as "Gold runs", "GKP runs", "Cash runs".
- Items which drop in your run are auctioned off in raid chat. The highest bidder receives the item and the gold they pay is added to "The Pot"
- Profession Patterns, BOE's etc are all auctioned off in this manner as well. Everything that drops.
- "The Pot" keeps growing in value until the end of the run
- "The Pot" is split after 5% guild bank cut evenly at the end of the run to all 25 players in the raid present when the final boss dies. Everyone gets an equal share.
- There is no mainspec > offspec priority, its gold which determines who gets what.

The Rules
All items of value (Profession Patterns, Epics, and BOE's) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined Gold Pot from all Auction Sales will be split evenly 25-ways after 5% guild cut to everyone at the end of the raid.

Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. You forfeit your share of the Pot if you have to leave early or need to be replaced. You may be replaced if:
- You AFK for more than 5 minutes without informing the Raid Leader
- You DC for more than 5 minutes
- Your Raid Performance is terrible, Eg: You don't listen to Raid Leader's instructions, DPS is terrible for your level of gear, you repeatedly die to raid mechanics, etc.

Minimum Loot Bids
These numbers are subject to change.
496 Items - 5,000g
496 Trinkets - 10,000g
496 Weapons - 12,000g
496 Tier - 12,000g
503 Items - 8,000g
503 Weapons - 16,000g

All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat of 1k gold increments. Items have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved.

1k Screw up Rule
The fee is to encourage you to not screw up. Everyone is fair game for this fee. Anyone who screws up, pays the fee. The definition of a screw up will be explained before the encounter. I myself have paid into this fee as well. We all make mistakes. The trick is to minimize the number of mistakes, or to give something back to the other 24 people if you make a mistake as you are wasting their time.

Q: What is the minimum gold/ilvl to get into the run?
A: People will need ilvl 475 and bring at least 20k gold or more to spend. If however loot drops and you are not bidding on it and it’s clearly a properly itemized item for you, we do hold the right to remove you from the pot share at the end of the night.

Q: Why does this benefit me?
A: Because it's fun! This is a great opportunity to gear up your alt, get that one item you've always wanted or just earn some gold. You can get gear for your main spec, offspec or professional patterns without any restrictions of MS>OS. Also remember that 25 man raids drop significantly more items than 10 man raids.

Q: How do I know the pot won't be stolen by the leader?
A: There will be typed agreement at the beginning of the raid. If the pot would be stolen by anyone, a GM can intervene and split the gold among the players who were there.

Q: When will this GDKP run be held?
A: Invites go out at 7:45pm Server on Saturday. The raid will not be more than 4 hours long. No matter where we are in the zone, it will end at 12am Server. Any early endings are determined by the leadership.

Q: How successful will this be?
A: GDKP runs generally attract geared players who don't need the gear, but run the instance for profit. In addition, performance is in everyone's personal financial interest because if they play poorly, they will be replaced. The pot is only distributed at the end of the raid, so anyone leaving early or being replaced will not receive a cut. Finding replacements should not be difficult, even if there's only one boss left.

This will be led by <Criticism> members who all have 6 heroic 25 man experience, and all the geared players will be required to have 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring normal experience to attend. Realistically, we don't expect the first few runs to go silky smooth, but if better players attend there is no reason why we can't sell more bosses within a few weeks.

Q: I'm sold. Where do I sign up?
A: Please link armory of Main on this thread and link the armory of the character you wish to bring. You are welcome to message us in game if we are advertising before the raid, but all spots are on a first come, first serve basis so it is to your benefit that you sign up on our forums at least 24 hours prior to raid time.

Helpful addon for GDKP Bidding.

Hope to hear from you! If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Zelx or Zelight in game or on criticism’s forums. Thanks!
freese and I will both be there! :D

*he will tank and I will dps
I'll be on again if ya guys need me.
I would like to join. Thx
Count me in for this next raid week. I'm only 472ilvl atm but plan on being over the 475ilvl mark by then.

Will tank again.
I'd love to come again and spend some more gold :)
I would like to come again, with the new gear and surv spec dps has almost x3.
I would like to come. Feral druid with tons of cash :)
I love GDKPs. Just a tip that I learned from doing them during Cata: Don't sell the recipes/shards/etc individually. Put all that misc. junk into one big pot and auction it off at the end of the run. Saves time and, from my experience, makes a little more gold.

I'd sign up but the weekend isn't always ideal. If I think I'll be around I'll sign up.
491il Fire Mage. I'd love to go! I have over 100k gold.

I would love to come. Have more than enough gold to be spent!
i am interested and i have two friends that would also like to go. We have plenty of gold between the three of us to buy a few pieces each.

<<< my armory Rogue friend Warrior friend
I would like to come i have plenty of gold ilvl is 487

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