Criticism's 25m ToES GDKP Run! (02-09-13End)

Area 52
I have 4/4 normal and 50k to bring PST if I can get into 2/9/13's raid.

main spec fury off spec tank have done both in toes.
I am 4/4 normal and would like to attend 9 Feb run.

Main Spec Ret

0/4 ToES, buyer looking for a weapon. 486 ilvl Fury Warrior.
I would like to go on this guy. I haven't completed any ToES except on LFG.

Lots of gold looking to buy gear.
I would like to attend if there is room. 493 Frost DK
It's 7:45pm what's the status of the raid?
Sorry, a bit delayed. I'm rallying people. Stand by.
These guys are legit. This GDKP was professionally ran with minimal wipes. I'd recommend their runs in the future. I'll be sure to try and make it back next week. :)
Tanks again for everyone showing up again for another amazing run.

Pot was grand total of 472,000!! 18,880 Gold Each!!

Biggest item was tier for 160,000!!
You all doing another one?

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