[RP Bounty] Sanguine Legion

Emerald Dream
A raven flies over you, dropping a small leather parchment.

Sanguine Legion - two hundred fifty coins.

- The Black Rose



- Bounty open for any guild
- 250g per kill split by the team.
- Extra 250g if the target is forced to spirit ress
- Send your screenshots to Hanzo
I look forward to seeing some action!

Good luck blue team!
Zofi fails to notice the parchment falling before her; that is, until a strange texture beneath her shoe breaks her concentration. Hesitantly pulling her foot back, she sighs in relief that she didn't find herself stepping on and breaking yet another children's toy. She pauses momentarily before picking the parchment up and unfurling it.

A bounty? she muses, rereading the unfamiliar scrawl of the note. I should tell Theresa!

After her work was finished off she ran, trotting happily toward the nearest pub in search of her friend.
This'll be like watching the special Olympics.
Fluxs looks up to the paper floating about he head, waiting for what seems like an eternity for it to settle down to her level. She taps her pedicured foot impatiently as her eyes stare unamused up to the parchment. Just as the paper reaches an arms length from her head, the little Goblin claws up to retrieve it.

"Blah blah blah Sanguine Legion Blah Blah... GOLD?!"
Fuxs's eyes widen at the meer sight of the word.
"Wait... this black rose business... HEY! That's a bounty organization!........... Hey!!!!"
She shifts into a defensive posture as the truth occurs to her.
"Well wadda ya know those Alliance Dogs have finally started noticin' my perfectly sculpted rear on the battle field. 'Bout time anyhow."
Fluxs stares up to the raven as it flys away...
"Get back here ya little rat!!!!"
The Goblin runs after the bird, but her short legs will only take her so far.
"Ya got lucky this time, pal!"

Fluxs begins scribbling onto the back side of the parchment:
3,000 gold bounty on all ravens in Azeroth, 4,000 if the bird is brought cooked on a platter to Fluxs of Sanguine Legion. To collect payment, see Briggo.
Happy hunting!

Fluxs nails the parchment onto the Hero's Call Board in central Orgrimmar, walking away satisfied.
"And they'll neva be the wiser!"
"Inahne, have you seen this?" Hollis slid the scrap of leather across the table. The woman on the other side eyed it with mild curiosity, her pale glowing eyes flicking from left to right as she read.

"I have now. What do you want me to do with it?" She asked almost impatiently. "Let me guess, another little rat pack hanging out in Quel'thalas? Don't we already have Timel out there?"

"No no, my dear." Hollis shook his head. "Timel is in Ashenvale. Send the two girls out for this one, will you? Tell them to finish up whatever it is they were working on and move."

Inahne pushed back her chair, brow furrowed. "They're not ready yet, but if you insist."

"I do, dearest. I really do."
Ingmarus walks slowly up Skyrange. A loud boom is heard in the distance, followed by an orcish scream, then a soft -thud-.

He smiles as he hops back onto his flying disc for one last sweep of the area. As he flies through the air across Kunzen Village, scouting the area below, something hard hits him in the chest, nearly knocking him off the disc and to the ground below. Regaining control, he lands on a nearby ledge. Ingmarus holds the twitching raven in his hand, before removing the note clutched in its claws.

Ingmarus turns to read the note, while motioning to his beast, Noodles, to heal the raven so it may return to its master. He smiles slightly as he reads the note out.

"Time to make some money, my friend."

Ingmarus turns back to Noodles and stares at him angrily.

"You were meant to heal the bird, not eat it, you stupid brute."

Noodles whimpers before coughing up a feather. Ingmarus shakes his head and they reboard the flying disc, off to make some easy money.
Fluxs, omg, that's hilarious! :D I've gotta say I'm rooting for you.
One word flies across the mind of Dispelhope, one word that summons the anger deep inside, one name, one name only...Hanzo of fleetfoot...

"I will have that rogue, I will have him, and watch him burn for his assaults on my self."

Murmuring to himself, he reflects on the many insults this rogue has given him...so..many insults.

Oh Hanzo you have earned the name fleetfoot for your ability to run away when I'm burning you down, down, down...Hanzo, Hanzo, you task me, and I will have you one day...till then, Fleetfoot, till then.
D-mon stands off in the distance watching the action and desides the best thing to do is to gather information and attack while the enemy is weak. He summons his Eye of Killrog and hides it behind thier base as D-mon sharpens his mind. Ready to attack when the enemy least expects it.
Aeryia watched as the bird writhed at her feet, with the hunter's arrow through it's wing. She picked it up, bending provocatively, knowing the effect that it had.

"That's mine," the undead hunter hissed at her.

"It has a note," Aeryia explained. After watching unchanging face of the hunter, she further explained, "You can't read you nimrod."

The band of battalion members sat watching her as her quick eyes darted back and forth over the letter. A smirk spread across her face.

So apparently the drunk was finally spending gold on things other than pickling his useless intestines.

"Gentlemen, it seems its open season on humans."

An undead mage across from her stopped trying to play the dwarven trachea as a flute and said,

"Ma'am, with all due respect, the cowards never leave stormwind."

"They will for gold. Those greedy imbeciles will definitely leave for gold."
Sha-Man sees a raven in the air and casts a lighting bolt at it. For Sha-Man hates birds and after the bird was fried. Sha-Man saw a leather parchment falling from the bird and quickly grabbed it. Sha-Man took a look at the burned leather parchment. Only to find that he couldn't read it, for reading was not one of Sha-Man's strengths. He did however recognized one word on the paper and that word was GOLD! ALOTS AND ALOTS OF GOLD! Sha-Man then was filled with joy as he rushed to his leaders and told them of the leather parchment he found. For sharing is caring in Sha-Mans eyes.

And so the fun begins...
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This'll be like watching the special Olympics.
Posted by Person
This'll be like watching the special Olympics.

(( Have you two signed up yet? Petulant-minded cavemen with a sickening and unfulfilled desire to be clever and relevant have to register by March. ))
The Special Olympics is actually extremely impressive if you don't have your head in your !@#.
You should try it sometime!

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This'll be like watching the special Olympics.
02/04/2013 09:34 PMPosted by Ellura
don't have your head in your !@#

dang... I guess i can't enjoy the special olympics :(
I guess i can't enjoy (anything)

You'll have to catch me first! *camouflages into the wilderness*

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