Illidan... Dead or Alive?

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I think when Metzen asked "You guys wanna see Illidan come back?" he wasn't taking it seriously and didn't expect the reaction.

If anything, the Well of Eternity was his "comeback", as we got to fight along side him.

Start bringing back dead characters in a fantasy setting and deaths start to become meaningless and lose their impact. The best service they could do to Illidan is leave him dead.

These threads about "Illidan's return" really need to stop, and I kind of despise Metzen for making that broad, un-specific answer that has thrown the Story Forum into a whirlwind of theories on his return ever since.

Right up there with "Which race/xpac is next?" threads.

But the thing is, Blizzard has shown, many times, that they will cater to the wishes of the public if they ask loud and long enough (Bolvar as LK, Cata dungeons starting out hard).

Illidan is interesting, and as unfortunate as it may be for some people, he is going to be coming back. Blizzard knows how much they butchered his storyline (Along with Kael'thas) in BC. Coming into the x-pac, Illidan was without a doubt one of the more, if not the most popular character with Warcraft fans. They didn't give him an Eddard Stark ending, where their death is tragic, profound and helps advance the story in a good direction. No, they gave him a half assed, look hes crazy now ending, which was a complete derailment from his previous appearances. You can't kill off a character this popular, in such a pathetic way, without receiving a lot of flak for it.

Now, Blizzard has a lot of chances to ressurect the guy, as there are countless potential storylines to make out of it. The theory that is Nelf soul was taken from Frostmourne, and that the Illidan was saw in BC was a hybrid controlled by the crazed, decayed mind of Gul'Dan is a very good one. Hell, I can see them throwing Tyrande in the picture to appease the Night elf fans, maybe she attempts to ressurect him when the Legion returns?
02/07/2013 03:45 PMPosted by Grimtale
Honestly, I could easily say the same thing about Maiev.

Except you wouldn't be completely honest.

Maiev is a case of where duty overtook her life. Her life was so bent upon the rules that her peoples leaders (Malfurion, Tyrande, etc) set forth after the first cataclysm. She committed herself to eternally jailing Illidan, one of the worst betrayers of her kind. She was even so quick as to sacrifice Tyrande at one point in order to re-capture Illidan.

When you see her again after Outland (in Wolfheart) she is still the same Maiev, just a bit more tortured. She is still committed to her original cause, even when Malfurion and Tyrande have changed the rules (allowing the highbourne back into night elf society) and she wouldn't let anyone stop her.

In that way, she is very much depraved and a touch deranged and possibly mad, but her heritage and the responsibility that her name as a Shadowsong demanded that of her, and in my opinion, she didn't dissapoint.

The mission was all that mattered to her, and unfortunately so, hers never ended.

I'm not saying that when she went to kill the highbourne, as well as Malfurion later on that she was right to do so, but you can't deny what drove her to do so.

I share Rufyn's displeasure, as well as his fear of that when Maiev becomes a villian, so to shall Illidan return to be <cough> redeemed, and I hope that Blizzard simply forgets to do either.

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