Pwning for Mental Health Research

Hey all!

So some friends and myself have recently started a 10 player raiding guild. We had been discussing guild events that would draw our guild together when I thought of some of the wow players over the years that have streamed things like themselves leveling characters until they hit a specific amount of donations for a certain cause.

At the same time I thought of two things, the first being that the WoW community is not as it once was. A server or faction wide event would be a sight for sore eyes. Secondly I was thinking that I play this game a lot, and while it is a ton of fun, some see it to be a waste of time when you play a game to many hours of the day. I would like to be part of doing something really productive in-game that effects people outside of it as well.

I work at a mental health facility and witness some fairly disturbing things, and hear some very heart wrenching stories. It really motivates me to do something about the immense mental health issues we have in our culture at this day in age. With all of the recent shootings and violence being related to our countries lack of concern for mental health, it really makes me wan't to contribute to the progression of mental health research for the current generation, and future generations. Because let's be honest, this country has an issue with mental health.

Now, I am a Horde player at heart so here's my plan. I wan't to form raid groups on Arthas (horde side) and invade a populated alliance city for an undetermined amount of time. I would like to get as big of a following for this as possible. Personally, I would donate $15 USD to a yet-to-be chosen mental health research foundation, for every half-hour we could hold a city. This event would need to be streamed and have a pay-pal account set up for it.

Now, I don't know if it is possible to set up a pay-pal account that makes it known to the public that the donations would go 100% to charity, and not my pocket, but I would like to figure this out so it would not become an issue.

All that would be needed aside from an account for the donations to be linked to, and a live stream, is the support of kind-hearted WoW players willing to donate time to help organize and properly execute this event.

Keep in mind this is in the very early stages of development and is basically just in the form of an idea at this point in time, but I would be eternally grateful if I could get some non-trolls to speak up about this and give some verbal support or a helping hand.

Please post any ideas or even constructive criticism, as they would be greatly appreciated. I think this would be an amazing little event that could really do something, no matter how small.

Thank you in advance

The only problem here is that there are no populated Alliance cities on Arthas...
I do think this is, in principle, an excellent idea. It's a good cause, for sure! Otis does bring up a good point, though.. really, a concerted effort to take over an Alliance city on Arthas isn't going to be.. difficult, really, at all.

Moreover, honestly, we wouldn't be inclined to stop you at all. It's not like we're pro-mental-health-issues. Anyone on our side that knew would probably vacate the city so you could continue to occupy it unopposed.

Which means, in the end, it would come down to how long you could stand around before factors like fatigue and boredom set in. Not the best way to end a charity drive.

Keep thinking on this idea, though - you are on to something. You have a vibrant and numerous Horde population to work with. I'm sure you can come up with a great idea for your charity drive.
Could make it more interesting and take advantage of CRZ, and hold a city on an Alliance heavy server, or at least a server that doesn't know this would be going on.

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