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when ever i try to login into wow it keeps saying error #114, ive looked though the forums and the solutions that were stated didnt help. ive also started recruit a friend and it is time that is being wasted. any help would be appreciate thank you
Same problem here, feel like I'm wasting my money lol.
i have the same problem... works fine on my crappy old desktop but i install it on my brand new laptop and it doesnt work. =/
Have you tried this one in particular ?


If that "doesn't work" for you can you post :

1) A traceroute to us.depot.battle.net

2) What you see when you load up this page :


Screenshots or just a copy of the text on the page.
404 - Not Found
Do you know how to run a traceroute ?

Do one to the address us.depot.battle.net and post your results thanks :)

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