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I've been wanting housing since I started playing Wow, and with the new expansion Blizz is currently working on I'd LOVE to see it.
I would like to see personal housing with the following (According to what you purchase, Ex.- You can only choose two or three different, like 1 garden and 1 mine, or 1 stable and 1 garden, etc.) :

Garden- This would be helpful with leveling herbalism. Each time your level goes up (1-50, 50-150, etc.) the herbs in the garden change. Of course, these herbs would only regenerate every 2-3 hours so that way you can't just sit there and constantly pick them.
Mine-Obviously this would help level your mining skills. Also, the veins would only regen. after 2-3 hours just like the garden.
Blacksmith's Table-Sill very obvious, but to level your blacksmithing prof. No regen time or anything. You have the mats, you can do whatever you'd like.
Forge-Yet again, obvious.
Pond-Help level your fishing prof.
Kitchen- Cooking.
Alchemy Table- Leveling alch.
Stables- A place to keep mounts, battle pets, as well as companions for hunters and warlocks.
Armor Room- Somewhere you can show off some awesome transmogs.
Bedroom- Bed to use when you want your character to be rested just like they are when you log out of major cities. (Stormwind, Org., Etc.)
Living Room- Another place to socialize as well.
Dining Room- Somewhere to sit around with buddies and just chat.
Bar-Somewhere to sit around with buddies while chatting, AND drinking.
Kitchen- Also included in the Prof.'s section.
Sparring Room- A room to spar in with buddies.
Servant- This NPC can be "hired" for a certain amount of Gold per month. This servant can be changed from different genders, races, and even appearance alone. The servant will serve as a link to the AH, and someone to serve drinks, food, etc. while sitting in the dining room.


In addition, you should be able to customize wall colors, rugs, curtains, house style, (Castle, Victorian, etc.) If anyone has more to add please do so! :)
As a rp'er people on my server always wanted player housing it will probably happen in the future

also love your ideas seems like you put alot of thought into it
No. Just...no.
This isn't Second Life or Farmville. It's not SimCity or one of those FB games.
I don't mean to be mean to you personally but this is the dumbest idea I've ever seen anyone suggest in the forums. This is the 3rd time I read about this. It's a ridiculous idea that I'm pretty sure the design team never put any thought in when creating WoW. There's other games for that.
Dumbest thing he's ever seen suggested, but he's seen it three times. Either this guy really doesn't like you, or has no idea what's coming out of his head. I would lean to the ladder.

Pretty sure they considered it in the past, but scrapped the idea. awonawidn awdawdawdaw
I wish people like Dubhe and smelly would realize such a feature would be completely optional content. I mean god forbid we have something that doesn't boost your stats or add another pointless battle ground to.
02/09/2013 02:05 AMPosted by Supersmelly
Pretty sure they considered it in the past, but scrapped the idea.
They've taken fresh looks into quite a few things that would "never be added". Rather than say "This doesn't benefit me I spit upon your idea" Try being supportive. "I have no use for this but if it helps you enjoy the game more power to you".
When did I suggest it was a bad idea? I said it's been considered and scrapped. Comprehsionnnn
isn't the farm sort of becoming that?
02/09/2013 02:11 AMPosted by Fran
isn't the farm sort of becoming that?

The farms a start... but I would like to see buildings within the cities serve a housing function. Do I expect this? No, I genuinely believe blizzard is incapable of creating a housing system. Because it's not a BG or a raid GC or some other lead dev would make it so crappy it wouldn't be funny. Hell I'm not even holding my breath on the farm becoming anything more than a hearthpoint. Now when we can host social functions and RP events... I'll gladly start eating my words.
02/09/2013 02:25 AMPosted by Mistybaby
I'm not an RPer and I aint scared to say its really neat :D

I'm going to leave this thread after this post because I know a sea of trollers is coming and I'd like to have a good thought before bed.
Your idea is an amazing idea but I find that highly unlikely to ever happen. It would be cool to have like 1 hearthstone to attach to any place you wanted and the other one would take you to this little house of yours. I'd be scared it would end up being like Minecraft and someone just wants to be a %!!!#*!@ and come blow my house up! (:

Just kidding, of course! I really like your idea. I'm not an RPer and I aint scared to say its really neat :D
I like it except for the professions stuff and the AH servant, because they take you away from the actual world and that's something blizzard has already said they don't want to...
As long as these were not instanced (like the farm) I would be cool with this. I like the idea of sneaking into an enemy city and killing people in their houses.

/evil laugh muahhahahahaha
/twiddles fingers in an evil fashion
ohhhh new idea.

Make a small suburb (a residential zone) of a city where there are like 100 small houses (not instanced) and have npcs rent them out for a week by auction.
It'd be a nice gold sink.
I'd like this if they revamped cities like silvermoon along with it.
I have 100s of Houses in WoW, as long as their is a killable NPC in them, I kill them, and take it.
02/14/2013 05:58 AMPosted by Varsa
I have 100s of Houses in WoW, as long as their is a killable NPC in them, I kill them, and take it.

True enough.

Player housing, or guild housing, would be awesome. It wouldn't have to have any special features, maybe a hearth so you can quickly collect people to it. It wouldn't have to be more than a basic small human house or a basic small orcish shelter. Or maybe it could be put in cities which are really nice and are usually underutilized, like Silvermoon or Thunder Bluff.

It wouldn't have to use any extra space in the world design because once you go through the door you're in a space only you/your party/your guild can enter.

If it was guild housing, a banner displaying the guild's most recent high achievement would be awesome. People live for little motivations like that.

It wouldn't cause any behaviors that aren't already happening anyway. When I spend most of my time chatting with my realID friends and joining cross-realm with them, I'm barely "in" the world anyway. This kind of ties to a related beef I now have, which is that if we're meeting up with people from other realms now because of CRZ, let's just merge realms and be done with it. I don't want to have to realm transfer just because a fun RP guild is on a different server than my usual.
Your Pandaren farm is probably as close to 'housing' as you're likely to get any time soon. For years Blizz has said they would only do housing if they could do it right... and one of their major concerns was to prevent players from locking themselves away and not 'going out in the world'. The farm accomplishes giving players 'something to call their own' .. including a hut with functioning fire... but does so in a way that keeps them active... at least more so that 'traditional' (i.e. your way) housing.

They might or might not expand on the farm -- some limited forms of add-to-it or customization -- but I doubt it will reach the type or degree you suggest.
This would only be cool if the opposing faction could burn your house down.

And in reality, we all already have housing at Sunsong Ranch.
It would also be cool if we got housing, so your toon could lock itself away indoors and play WoW all day, while you lock yourself away indoors and play WoW all day. lol
It would also be cool if we got housing, so your toon could lock itself away indoors and play WoW all day, while you lock yourself away indoors and play WoW all day. lol

Recursion! I like it!

and your toon's toon locks itself inside and...

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