Selling lvl 25 Guild~

Hi everyone. I'm currently selling this guild...

What <Pure> has...
-8 Bank tabs
-565 Members
-1940 Achievement points
-BOA Cloaks, Helms and leggings
-Guild Shirts
-The following companion pets: Guild Page, Guild Herald, Armadillo Pup and Dark Phoenix Hatchling
-The following mounts: Reins of the Dark Phoenix and Reins of the Golden King

If you're interested in buying this guild, battletag me at Reti#1481

I'm looking for payment in either gold or TCG items, preferably gold.

ATM I'm willing to transfer, but only to certain servers. If I'm required to transfer you will have to pay extra.
Price? I'm on Stormrage, best Alliance server =)
That's one of the servers on my list xD
B-tag me and we can discuss a price.

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