<Just Heal Through It> 25m LFM DPS

Recently gone 25m from 10m.

3/16h experience (as a 10m) and 13/16 (at the moment) as 25m.

Need reliable people who can commit to the following raid times;

7pm SVT - 11pm SVT Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays.

Players must have vent and a working mic, must know their class well and be a minimum of 485 ilvl and be at least 16/16 normal so we can push into heroics as 25m and get ready to hit 5.2 confidently.

Also welcoming casuals and subs who can occasionally be available those raiding times.

If you're interested, send Paladiná or Empi in game mail, pst me, or add my battlenet: Babydoll#1299
Bump. Get in on this.
<3 Mis

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