[H] LFM for 25m in 5.2 Accepting other 10m to

Guild Recruitment
<FairyTail> Level 25 Horde Guild on Thrall

LF more to fill our ranks!! Currently looking for Ranged Dps and healers, but will consider any exceptional players!

We are trying hard to get back into 25m raiding for the content to come.
We would consider accepting another 10m as well who also want to go 25n.
25m is overall more easy, but challenging between the players. 25m never have problems with raid comp based fights. There is also more loot so we can gear faster.
This is our logic behind 25m.

FairyTail consists of multiple ranked players and will always do our best to
keep up with top server guilds either though we are on a 3 day raiding schedule.
Why a 3 day schedule?? Because we can dont need 4-5 days to be recognized,
and be in the top.

We're a pretty humorous bunch, and wont take offence to jokes of any taste.
Although our environment is friendly, it does not mean we dont take care of
business inside a raid group.

We are 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF 4/4 Terrace(elite protectors)
4/6HM MV, 1/6 HM HoF

With the addition of commited players, we can go far. We can compete with any top guildon the server and then some. If you got what it takes, come show it. Prove yourself.

Our raid times are:
Tues, Thurs & Sun. (8:45pm-1:00am) EST. We could only change these times to maybe 30minutes earlier.
Occasionally we raid a third day, usually Tues or Wed.

Warlock - HIGH Priest - Low Druid - Medium

Warrior - Low Paladin - Medium Death K - Low

Mage - High Monk - LOW Rogue - Medium

Shaman - Medium Hunter - High

If interested leave a reply on this thread or contact me in game,
or on my battle tag.

Skype name: Warfurby

or contact our other officer

free cake!!:D

Should transfer your guild to Turalyon and I'll help you recruit. :D
Not interested conisdering we already have people who just xfferred here : /
But thanks for the offer
this is cake is really good people

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