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So I used to be a tank, and love the tank queues as they are instant! However now that my main is a mage, I find I'm often discouraged from playing WoW due to the long dps queues. Sure there are dailies and such to do while you wait, but I find I'm often in the position of running out of things to do while waiting for queues to pop, and would really like to use the time to level an alt.

It would be an awesome feature if we were able to queue for an LFR/LFD/etc., and be able to play another character on the same account while waiting for the queue to pop! Might even help with account retention/player loyalty if there are other players who (like me) sometimes lose interest in their WoW account for exactly this reason!
02/04/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Kalorea
I feel you should get a notification while you are on another alt that your LFR/LFD is ready and by hitting accept you automatically log over to that toon and enter the raid/dungeon.

This is such a great idea! I miss way too many DPS queues these days :(
...You can't go do the million other things in the game on that toon?

You know; Dailies, Questing, Soloing, Auction House, Professions, Pet Battles, World PvP, Mail-Box Dancing, Herbing, Mining, Skinning, Hitting on male blood elves, chatting, PvP...
Some people are not aware that you can queue for Scenario, Heroic and LFR at the same time. What often happens for me as a dps is that my heroic queue pops shortly after or even immediately after I finish the Scenario and then when I finish the Heroic my LFR is ready.

I also as a player of multiple characters do not hate the idea of being able to log a different toon while in a queue though I do not think it will be implemented to this extent due to issues with when and how your current character will be handled - how long should those on the other end of teh queue wait if your other char is locked in combat etc and cannot log out safely.
I think a better question to ask here is: How would they implement that with their engine? It sounds more like a technical limitation than a "We are against this idea" problem

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