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02/05/2013 08:07 PMPosted by Rynah
However, making premades stops working after a while, while this one is consistent at least (if weird), so Revive Battle Pets after a battle is now the best source of "Secret Pets" to goof around with.

Keeping old premades around and logging into them every so often still generates them, though. New characters will also sometimes generate them, maybe 1 out of 3 times.

Yes, it seems like you almost get a new generation every time dailies reset, and it is doled out on the next login.
So I finally ran out of space completely on the PTR for new pets.

I then tried to modify my addon's code to delete duplicates of the secret pets. It failed.
Then I tried to make it delete all the non-beasts of fable. It failed.
Finally, I was like "fine, delete everything you don't understand". It failed.

Turns out, as hilarious as it is - the functions for Summoning and Adding Pets to your Team allow the "fake but real" IDs and the function for releasing pets does not.

IT'S JUST LIKE MISSINGNO (It would eat your save data). HALP; MAKE THEM STOP.
02/05/2013 10:13 AMPosted by Simca
I can only guess that the Gurkster was possibly intended as a Vashj'ir pet - it shares a model with some of the mobs down there. There are a few other pets like that too ("Baby Shark").

I remember Baby Shark from the Wrath beta. He was a pet people got on the beta server but never made it to live. I was so sad. I wanted him badly.
Okay, I just figured out how to get rid of them - the delete function DOES work, but it just does not support mass operations. It has to happen in small chunks.

So here's what you have to do. Download this (r8 of the addon):

Place the extracted folder in your PTR's AddOns folder and then start the PTR. Now, login to any character and create a new macro (type /m to open the macro interface). Make the macro say "/sek destroy all" (without the quotes) and hit Save on the macro. Now, drag it to your bars and click the button once every 2-3 seconds.

The number of pets that are destroyed varies each click but it can be anywhere from 0 to 10. A chat message will inform you that it is trying to delete your pets.

When the number finally stops going down, you're in the clear.

Oh man oh man. THANK YOU!!! <3 and cookies for Simca!
Oh man oh man. THANK YOU!!! <3 and cookies for Simca!

No problem! :)

Glad I could help.
How would I link the pet into the Chat? I cannot seem to find out how to do it :P

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I would pay so many dollars for the gurkster
Linking should be straightforward - click on the link to bring up its tooltip, then use Shift+Enter to enter it into your current chat line.

If you're still having issues, I have newer versions of this addon I can upload.

I haven't updated or developed it extensively because I already found out all I needed to know:

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