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EDIT: It seems the issue has been fixed, since the restarts on EU and US there have been multiple people starting to obtain the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. I would like to thank everyone that kept the threads active and especially those there were here from thread 1, wouldn't have gotten as much exposure without you all. As much as an official reply would be nice, the thread solved what it was intended for. Thank you all <3

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So apparently nobody has obtained a Sha or Galleon mount, ever. There is 0 proof this is on the loot tables at all. There are a few screenshots but mostly the people are in t3 etc which leads me to believe they are using a certain morphing program I won't name.

Now I always thought it was strange I have never seen either mount on a server with easily 2k+ sha loots a week seeing as it dies every 15 minutes almost the entire week. But Guildox comes to the rescue!

In case you are not aware guildox scans the armory and gets EVERYONES armory details using blizzards official API. This includes hk's, mounts, achievements etc. It scans US, EU and Asian realms. Literally nobody in wow has seen this mount, Blizzard.

I believe something is definitely not right here, whether it be the mount is unobtainable and only there to encourage geared people to actually kill sha for a chance at it; or something got messed up with the coding and it is actually not possible to drop. (Similar to some heroic 10 man feng loot actually being impossible to drop until it got hotfixed)

Out of the multiple wowhead comments of people claiming they or their guildies got either mount, none of them have ever posted an armory link as proof even when asked multiple times. And well, Guildox solidifies this even more.


Edit: If you are going to claim you have seen the mount please link an armory as proof or your comment will be considered trolling, or misinformed.
OH snap! Conspiracy time. brb getting popcorn.
my friend's friend's uncle's step-niece whose name escapes me at this point in time got it.
Not your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate?
*tin foil hat*
Could be the drop rate is so low that they're actually glitched but haven't had time to know for sure.

At least mine is a possible explanation. The posts above me are nothing but useless fodder.
Possible, and yeah; the majority of the general forums is unfortunately.
What's the Sha mount?
Wowhead says 1 of 2147? So that's something I guess...
I agree, We should get both the Sha of anger and Galleon as mounts.
02/05/2013 03:58 AMPosted by Enekie
What's the Sha mount?

Heavenly Onyx Serpent.
02/05/2013 04:03 AMPosted by Awkwardz
What's the Sha mount?

Heavenly Onyx Serpent.

What?! That's it?

I wanted a little rideable angry Sha!
02/05/2013 04:00 AMPosted by Bambislayer
Wowhead says 1 of 2147? So that's something I guess...
That data is from the PTR before mop was even released. It's looted more than 2000 times per week on my server alone, let alone the other 500+ wow servers across all regions.
I refuse to believe with the immense amount of people killing Sha, that the mount not existing is due to RNG.
there are alt of people on Oceanic: Frostmourne that have the Sha mount but i have not seen the Galleon mount as of yet!
Who are these people with the Sha mount?
02/05/2013 04:40 AMPosted by Tiyu
there are alt of people on Oceanic: Frostmourne that have the Sha mount but i have not seen the Galleon mount as of yet!
No there aren't, I believe you are referring to the people that fake link the learned mount when sha dies saying something along the lines of "OMG!" trying to get a rise out of general chat. I am also on Frostmourne, I am yet to see anyone on it.

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