Blizzard, Sha and Galleon mounts

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02/06/2013 06:06 PMPosted by Schwert

Collectme addon.

When you link the mount from that add on, it comes up the same way as your mounts you already have learned do. Not the epic purple text, but the light blue-ish.

Personally, I'm rather saddened to hear this, I've been panicking to try to find a Sha group every week on my server for all my toons (harder than it sounds) for this mount...

Good news!

Sha is doable cross realm if you have any friends on more populated servers.

I know, I have a friend on your server actually...and a toon (druid named Nocthan if you ever saw me wandering around) it's just I can't catch my friend doing it once, and even then, I have 3 other toons on Bonechewer needing to get it done... MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

Not really, but it is a hassle. I might start trying that openraid nonsense.
I hope I haven't wasted my coins every week for a mount that wasn't even possible to get even if it is a super low drop rate :(
I've been doing a little bit of investigating on this since I saw this thread, asking around on my server, many people Claim to have seen one, but when pressed for information they cannot remember, or their guildie changed names or servers or has alt codes in their name they cannot type.... it all seems extremely suspicious
wtb blue!
new thread: does alt code letters in your name increase your luck in the game's RNG?
The fact that there has been no Blue response to this thread yet is proof positive that yes, this is a problem, and yes, they are going to stealth fix it without admitting fault. Expect to see these mounts start to drop next tuesday, if not sooner.

Keep this sort of disconnect between players and devs in mind when you choose to renew your subscription.

That's a bit paranoid.

There was a very similar issue with loot from Feng recently, and they openly admitted the mistake.
New thread, this ones very close to cap.
02/06/2013 06:24 PMPosted by Chaoslotus

Reminds me of Marrowgar.
02/06/2013 06:10 PMPosted by Fawnix
I hope I haven't wasted my coins every week for a mount that wasn't even possible to get even if it is a super low drop rate :(

This, the only reason I participate on that crap lag fest is for the damn mount(I'm a mount collector).
Ugh. You people are so impatient. Cap the first thread before you make a second!
New thread, this ones very close to cap.
Posted by Bambislayer
Wowhead says 1 of 2147? So that's something I guess...

That data is from the PTR before mop was even released. It's looted more than 2000 times per week on my server alone, let alone the other 500+ wow servers across all regions.

People have to upload their data to wowhead for it to show. So lets say 1 in 10 people do that, Wowhead will only have data on 10% of the population.
02/06/2013 06:18 PMPosted by Tarski
That's a bit paranoid.

Perhaps, but I'm willing to come off as paranoid in order to have this issue fixed, or at least acknowledged, ASAP. There's no excuse for the lack of response to begin with. I don't doubt for one second that the peons at HQ are scurrying around like decapitated chickens trying to figure out a way to damage control this mess-up.
500th post, should be capped now unless a blue has secretly extended it.

New thread is here:

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