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I have a small question regarding CRZ that I can't seem to find an answer to after doing various searches, I'm hoping someone here can help clarify something for me. :)

First off, I use the term "issue" loosely, as it's not really a good or bad experience, just a bit confuzzling.

I notice as I'm flying somewhere, on a flight path, when I get to my destination, the NPC's phase out momentarily, then reappear. I'm not sure if my poor old computer is just reminding me it wants to be replaced, or if it's a side effect from CRZ.

My main question however, is regarding mobs in zones that are affected by CRZ.

The other day I was flying to Netherstorm, destination Cosmowrench. There is a rare spawn NPC that has 3 patrol paths in Netherstorm, one of them being right near Cosmowrench. As I was headed in for my landing, I spotted this rare spawn, Nuramoc, and was quite excited! It was literally moments... maybe 2 seconds until my flight landed, and I immediately mounted up and went right for him, he was only a few short steps away from the flight master... only he was gone! I searched up and down his pat area, with no luck. Not even a corpse to indicate someone had beat me to it. No other dead mobs nearby either that would indicate another player in the near vicinity... I suppose someone could have landed and killed him, then skinned him, leaving no trace of this beautiful chimera.

I went off and checked his other 2 pat areas, in case he had gotten bored of Cosmowrench and needed a change of scenery. Nope. I spent about half an hour looking for him, with no luck.

What I'm wondering is, when I landed in Cosmowrench, was I in another (parallel) realm, one different than the one I had just seen Nuramoc in? As far as I could tell from the CRZ faq is the transition happens on zone borders, which is nowhere near where I was, but I can't think of anything else (other than another player killing and skinning him within 10 seconds or so of me spotting him... which *is* a possibility).
Both of those things are side effects of CRZ. While you're on a flight path, it doesn't move you to a coalesced zone until you land. So maybe you're flying over Whisperwind's version of Netherstorm, and you see a rare spawn. But then you land in Cosmowrench, and that's when the game moves you to a coalesced zone, for this example, let's say it's Proudmoore's Netherstorm. When you land, you're briefly seeing Whisperwind's NPCs, and that moment when they disappear and reappear is you switching from Whisperwind to Proudmoore.

The rare spawn isn't gone per se, it's just left behind on Whisperwind's version of Netherstorm.

Hope that made sense. :-)
It made complete sense, thank you! (I'm glad you made sense of my endless post, hehe.) It was pretty much what I had suspected, but like I said, my computer is getting past it's time, so occasionally I'm left wondering if it's due to that, or something in the game... or just my imagination.

Well, this will certainly make rare spawn hunting more entertaining!

Enjoy your Tuesday!
You can avoid the "there it is! wait! where'd it go?! argh!" frustration by moving manually from zone to zone. For example, if you move from Netherstorm to Blade's Edge on your flying mount, the transition (if there is one) will happen as soon as you enter Blade's Edge. But if you take a flight from Cosmowrench to Sylvanaar, the transition won't happen until you land in Sylvanaar. And that time you spend in flight over Blade's Edge is where the frustration would enter the picture.
If you are on a taxi flight, you are not officially "in the zone" until you land.
Ever notice when you taxi fly to an undiscovered area of the map that you do not get the exploration discovery until you land?

If you cross the zone boundary under your own power (walking, riding, flying on your mount) you enter the zone when you cross the boundary.

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